Racist Woman, Nancy Arechiga, Arrested for Posting Xenophobic Letters on Front Doors of Minorities [Photos]

52-year-old Nancy Arechiga was arrested Friday night after police say she left handwritten notes “which contained various insensitive messages towards minorities,” on five different houses in the her Bay Area neighborhood.

Officers said when Nancy was arrested, she was carrying a bag containing other letters of similar nature.

Nancy’s actions made headlines after resident Trinny Wynn posted photos of her on Facebook before she was identified. The images show Nancy approaching a front door while holding a white piece of paper.

The note, dated May 22, read in part:

If you are a woman or man and was [sic] born in other [sic] country, return, go back to your land, immediatly [sic], fast, with urgency.

If you are a woman was born [sic] in other country takes [sic] your children with you, under 21 years old. 

… We the people do ordain to you to leave this house. One American, white, brave, that serves the nation of USA is going to live here.

The post, which has since garnered more than 32,000 shares, was brought to the attention of San Leandro’s former mayor, Stephen Cassidy, who then sent it to the police department.

Let’s hope they charge her with ALL the things.

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