Racist 'Teal Dress' Woman Identified, Arrested, and Charged After Fight Video Goes Viral

A few days ago we shared with you a video of a woman catching a beatdown after making racist comments about Hatians.

The racist woman has been identified as 39-year-old Summer Cortts and the younger woman who threw hands in the name of racial justice is 23-year-old Colleen Dagg.

via Local10:

Video of the Aug. 22 incident at the La Quinta in Coral Springs begins with the women, identified as Summer Cortts, 39, and Colleen Dagg, 23, involved in a profane verbal altercation in the hotel lobby.Cortts is seen walking around Dagg as she sits in a chair removing her shows.

Dagg tells a hotel employee she is taking her shoes off to be ready in case Cortts chose to make things physical.

Then Cortts chose to make things physical.

As Cortts puts her hands on Dagg, Dagg grabs her by the hair and throws her down to the ground while throwing multiple punches to the head.

Dagg continues to throw punches as she accuses Cortts of making racist comments.

After about 20 seconds, the women are separated, but continue to yell at each other, with Cortts claiming she was three months pregnant and threatened to call the police.

Coral Springs police officers arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and charged Cortts Disorderly Conduct and Inciting an Affray. Dagg refused to press charges for simple battery.

Colleen should’ve pressed charges.

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