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Quavo Shuts Down ‘Crazy’ Rumors Accusing Him Of Cheating On Saweetie With Reginae Carter [Photos]

A Twitter troll attempted to make-up rumors about Quavo and Reginae Carter, causing some fans believe the rapper cheated on Saweetie.

via: AceShowbiz

Quavo isn’t letting some rambling talks on the Internet ruin his sweet relationship with Saweetie. The Migos star, who has been dating the female rapper for over two years now, has responded after he was suddenly swept off in cheating rumors involving Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter.

The allegation was thrown at him during Thursday, November 19’s “Verzuz” battle between Jeezy (Young Jeezy) and Gucci Mane. During the livestream, comedian/viral prankster Gerald Huston asked Quavo, “@quavohuncho u still f**king colormenae?”

Many Twitter users were taken aback by the supposed juicy info, with one asking for confirmation, “Hold on… What is this I’m seeing about Quavo, Saweetie and Reginae?” Another demanded an explanation, “Quavo and Reginae? Explain..quickly.”

Some others were quick to blast Quavo over the allegation. “Ewwww Saweetie and Reginae better not start arguing over Quavo …I’ve had the d**k…it’s trash,” one of the angry users reacted to the rumors. Another wouldn’t let it slide after the “Verzuz” livestream was over, tweeting, “Alright!! Now that this is over let’s get back to Quavo and Reginae.”

“quavo cheated on saweetie??? men have outdone themselves this week,” another person reacted to Quavo’s supposed infidelity. Another shocked user commented, “If Quavo actually cheated on Saweetie that’s actually it.”

Catching wind of this, Quavo has set the record straight that there’s no truth to the “crazy” allegation. “Internet Crazy Man,” he tweeted shortly after he became trending on Twitter due to the cheating rumors. “Not Weezy Daughter No!” he stressed.



People really have nothing better to do than make up rumors for clout.

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