Pusha-T Explains Drake Diss 'The Story of Adidon,' Says He Didn't Go Too Far: 'There's More Content If It's Needed Later'

Pusha-T responded to his beef with Drake yesterday with “The Story of Adidon.”

The rapper called into ‘The Breakfast Club’ and addressed some of what was said on the track.

via Fader:

The diss track saw Pusha allege that Drake has a son with artist and former adult actress Sophie B and was accompanied by a picture of Drake in full blackface makeup, originally photographed by David Leyes.

Pusha spoke to The Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning and verified that he dropped “The Story of Adidon” in reponse to Drake talking about his fiancée, Virginia Williams. “All bets are off because of that” he told the radio hosts.

On the subject of Leyes’s artwork, Pusha added: “I need a few answers. What makes you take a picture like that?” He was equally clear on the allegations of a secret baby, “I don’t even hang with my friends who have child support issues. I’m big on kids.”

Later in the interview the rapper was asked if he felt he had pushed things too far at all. Pusha was adamant he had not. “I definitely didn’t go too far with anything,” he said. “I’m here for the sport of it but when it gets personal it gets personal. I’m not censoring myself but there’s more content if it’s needed later.”

The one regret that Pusha T does have though was bringing Quentin Miller’s name into the argument. “Quentin is extremely talented and he’s trying to get past this whole narrative,” Pusha said, confirming he has spoken to the rapper and was keen to help him in his career. “I feel like I pulled him back in.” Miller expressed a similar sentiment in his own “Destiny (Freestyle)” track on Tuesday.

Check out the full Breakfast Club interview below.

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