Prosecutors Claim OnlyFans Model Plotted to Flee the Country After She Stabbed Her Boyfriend to Death |

Prosecutors Claim OnlyFans Model Plotted to Flee the Country After She Stabbed Her Boyfriend to Death

Courtney Clenney is currently facing second-degree murder charges for stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, to death in a Miami apartment building back in April.

Her lawyers claim she acted in self defense and therefore should be allowed to remain on house arrest until her trial, prosecutors are claiming she is a “flight risk” who made preparations to flee the country shortly after Christian’s death.

via Radar Online:

Clenney, who has a successful career as an OnlyFans model, reportedly moved over $1 million from her accounts into her father’s bank account after she stabbed the 27-year-old to death.

Prosecutors posited the money was moved so that she could leave the country to avoid criminal prosecution, noting that Clenney held “a profession she can maintain abroad if she flees the country, an act she can certainly afford financially. The defendant furthermore has the means of making quick escape and financially sustaining herself abroad.”

The opposing legal team supported their argument, revealing that Clenney earned $966,692 in 2020 and $1.8 million in 2021, indicating she had more than enough money to pay for travel and living expenses outside of U.S. jurisdiction as long as it was in an account she could access.

Clenney’s defense lawyer Sabrina Puglisi attempted to shoot down the theory, claiming they “don’t think she’s going to flee” on the grounds that she had purchased a home in Texas and was working on “creating ties to the community.”

As Radar previously reported, the model was secretly recorded screaming racist slurs at Obumseli some time before his death. The cell phone audio recordings revealed she had been sternly ordering him around, telling him to “man up”, threatening to slap him and using the n-word repeatedly towards him, both privately and in public places.

Obumseli’s family attorney, Larry Handfield, called the recordings “shocking” and lamented that it would be “very, very painful” for his family to hear.

“I see it as a consistent pattern with someone who is unhinged and out of control,” he added. “She is the aggressor and abuser in this whole relationship.”

The Miami Herald reported that prosecutors believe Clenney planned to flee the country.

We hope the prosecution does a good job and is able to pin her down for this — she deserves to be punished for this crime.

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