Pot Meet Kettle: Columbus Short Criticizes Ray Rice on Instagram [Photo]


By now you’ve probably seen the disturbing video of former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice punching & knocking his then-fiancé out cold.

Columbus Short, who we all know is no stranger to domestic violence himself, had the nerve to call out Ray on Instagram.

If you remember, we learned a few months ago that Columbus choked his wife and threatened to kill them both.

Columbus posted on Instagram that he supported the NFL’s decision to suspend Ray Rice indefinitely, saying

DOMESTiC VIOLENCE is NEVER OKAY!!!! #WordToTheWise #SomethingsCantBeUnDone the@NFL made the right decision. Violence against women who we should love and adorn is UNEXCEPTABLE. #RoleModelsDontHitWomen #ThatsReal.”


Here’s to hoping that’s something Columbus now truly believes — because he certainly should have felt it wasn’t okay when he had his hands around his wife’s neck.

What he’s saying is true, but this is a situation where it would have been wise for Columbus not to say anything at all.

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