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Portia De Rossi Joins ‘Scandal’


Our excitement for the next season of Scandal just heightened — and we didn’t think that was possible!

Elle DeGeneres just spilled that her wife Portia De Rossi is joining the cast of ABC’s hit show for a ‘top-secret arc’.

She tweeted:


But what doest that mean? We don’t know.

E! did some digging and here’s what they managed to uncover.

Update, 10:00 am: Just kidding. In typical Scandal world (Shondaland) fashion, every single source we have on this show has shut us down as far as any information on Portia’s role. Apparently, Portia and Scandal boss Shonda Rhimes are the only ones who know anything about what Portia will be playing, and guess what? Shonda is currently prepping for a visit tonight from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (for the L.A. fundraiser at Shonda’s house), so we are guessing that calling us up to give us spoilers is not currently weighing heavy on her mind.

All we know is that Portia’s deal is done, she is joining the show for season four, and it will be for more than one episode.

We also know that any time a former member of the Bluth family comes in contact with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and/or her Gladiators, it is a very good day. We just blue ourselves.

Also, if you are thinking Portia might be a new part of Olivia Pope’s team, we are right there with you. However, when we asked Shonda last week if she will be “replenshing the Gladiators this year,” after the loss of Harrison (Columbus Short), her answer was short and evasive: “Were there any Gladiators at the end of the season?”

This Fall needs to hurry up!

[via E!]

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