Porsha Williams' Cousin Storm Accuses Dennis McKinley Of Sexually Harassing Her Years Ago [Photo + Video]

Things are heating up on Bravo’s new mini-series ‘Porsha’s Family Matters’. Things kept getting so messy that the recently aired episode featured Porsha, Dennis and Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams getting into a physical altercation.

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On Sunday, January 2, the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s cousin Storm took to her Twitter account to make bombshell allegations against Porsha’s ex-fiance and baby daddy Dennis McKinley.

“Dennis physical assaulted me in Mexico,” so Storm alleged, referring to the physical altercation taking place during a family retreat which was documented on “Porsha’s Family Matters”. Alongside several pictures of her injuries, Storm added, “This man has sexually harassed me & now A grown 40+ year old man physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’m sick of it!”

In a separate post, Storm went on to call Dennis a “pedophile.” She added, “I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and sexual harassed me the enter time I worked in his estrablishment . I am a lesbian . We did not ever see each other outside of work & I have messages . Stop the [cap emoji] no body want his fat a**.”

Storm also shared that he already tried to put Dennis, who shares daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley with Dennis, in jail to no avail. “This man sexual harassed me for months until I QUIT. I was not fired . #PorshasFamilyMatters I just got another job.” She continued, “I was a young woman trying to just get a job…. After being sexually harassed I left.”

Storm doubled down on her accusations leveled at Dennis in an Instagram Live. During the livestreaming, she insisted that she would not be silenced anymore. “I have been silenced for so many years. I have been silenced about this man for the sake of respecting people,” Storm explained.

Internet users, however, seemingly didn’t feel sympathy for her. “She’s saying a lot but ain’t saying nothing at all! Girl bye …,” one person said in an Instagram comment. Accusing her of clout chasing, someone wrote, “Girl if you want a storyline just say that.”

“She’s only doing this because porsha is beefing with Dennis…,” another person said. Meanwhile, someone else commented, “She sound dumb and clout chasing .. so why you talking now bruh smh.”

Neither Simon nor Porsha have released any statements with regards to Storm’s allegations.

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