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Porsha Williams Confronted by Activist for Wearing Fur: ‘Animals are Skinned Alive” [Photo]

Porsha Williams was approached by an animal-loving protestor at her recent book-signing event for her latest memoir, The Pursuit of Porsha.

via: Page Six

During a signing for her new book, “The Pursuit of Porsha” in West Hollywood Wednesday, a woman decided to plea with the Bravolebrity to stop wearing animal product as fashion.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am not here to interrupt anything! I want to bring something to your attention that’s very important – ‘The Real Housewives’ support fur and wear fur!,” the activist began, while Williams, 40, continued to sign books for her fans in the Barnes & Noble crowd.

Moving closer to the reality star, the woman continued, “We are here to ask Porsha – Porsha please stop wearing fur! I’m a big fan, and I really ask you to please go fur-free!”

“Animals are skinned alive!” the woman repeated before adding, “It’s not fashion!”

As the woman was escorted out of the store, fans of the reality star began to chant, “We love fur! We love fur!” in the clip obtained by Gossip Bae.

“The Pursuit of Porsha” dives into many aspects of the star’s life that fans have not been privy to via “RHOA,” including her bouts with childhood depression, her dad’s infidelity, and death and engaging in a series of abusive relationships with men, including R. Kelly.

“A lot of things I talk about in the book, I’ve never talked about before with someone,” Williams recently told Bustle. “It’s something that I didn’t want to do in the beginning because I knew that if I was going to do it, I was going to go all in.”

See the full exchange below.

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