Pop Smoke’s Murder Reportedly Connected To Rapper Found Dead In Barrel

Cops are investigating the connection between Pop Smoke’s murder and a dead body found in a barrel on the beach in Malibu.

via: HotNewHipHop

Even though it’s been three years since, Pop Smoke’s tragic passing hasn’t gotten any easier to reckon with. In addition, it also remains a point of mystery and contention from a case perspective, with those accused of robbing him and taking his life either confessing or still in court. However, the case just got even murkier in relation to another saddening and grim murder. Moreover, local Los Angeles rapper Sirtanky was found dead inside of a barrel on the shores of Malibu earlier this week. Sirtanky, real name Javonnta Murphy, apparently has a link to the drill rapper’s case that caused police to investigate further.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told TMZ that the following connection is just one of many possible theories and motives for Murphy’s death. Furthermore, the publication learned that Sirtanky’s brother, Jaquan Murphy, is one of the men who authorities arrested for Pop Smoke’s murder back in 2020. He was cleared of this crime, though, and is not one of the men still facing justice for their crimes. Still, Jaquan Murphy is awaiting trial as of writing this article for an unrelated homicide charge in the area.

As such, police are reportedly investigating this as a potentially retaliatory attack. With the case details still being quite vague, it will be hard to identify a motive without further information. Regardless, law enforcement isn’t ruling any possibilities out when it comes to this grisly cases. When they initially found out about Sirtanky’s body, they suspected “foul play” due to his body being naked. “At about 8 p.m., there’s a high tide here,” Lt. Hugo Renaya told The Los Angeles Times. “There’s a possibility that the container could have come in from the ocean and then got stuck in the lagoon. But we don’t know.”

Meanwhile, one of the men accused of the New York MC’s murder, an 18-year-old, recently confessed to the crime. Others either pleaded guilty or are still awaiting trial and judgement for their involvement in the house raid. Even though this could be connected to Sirtanky’s death after all, it’s unclear how it would impact Pop’s case, if at all.

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