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Police Arrest Man Who Almost Stole John Legend’s Porsche [Photo]

John Legend came close to having his Porsche stolen.

via: HipHopDx

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department was called out to a recording studio on Monday afternoon (November 21) after security guards spotted a man approaching the singer’s car. After calling the police, security approached the man, who had opened the door and gotten into the vehicle and was looking for the keys or another way to start the car.

When asked what he was doing, the man claimed the vehicle was his, then proceeded to get out of the car and begin walking. John Legend was unaware of the incident, as he was inside of the studio recording at the time.

After arriving on the scene, the LAPD quickly caught up to the suspect, who took off running. They caught him after a brief chase.

The unnamed suspect was charged with attempted grand theft auto, which is a felony. He’s being held on $85,000 bond.

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