Pink: ‘Lady Marmalade’ Music Video Wasn’t ‘Fun’ to Make Amid Christina Aguilera Feud [Video]

Pink has ranked “Lady Marmalade,” her famous collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim and Mya, last on a list of her favorite music videos.

via: Page Six

The “Get the Party Started” singer seemingly shaded her former collaborator again while discussing what it was like working together on the “Lady Marmalade” music video with Mya and Lil’ Kim in 2001.

“It wasn’t very fun to make,” Pink explained to Buzzfeed UK, after ranking “Lady Marmalade” in last place on her list of favorite to least favorite music videos.

“I’m all about fun and it was, like, a lot of fuss,” she added. “There were some personalities. Kim and Mya were nice!”

Back in 2001, Pink described the video – which was filmed in Los Angeles and also featured Missy Elliott in the intro – as “a circus on acid” in an interview with MTV News. The ladies’ new version of the song was originally recorded by ’70s group LaBelle and featured on the “Moulin Rouge!” soundtrack.

“The video’s going to be dope,” Aguilera teased. “We’re going to be having cabaret costumes. It’s something you’ve never seen from us before. So, it’s going to be fun.”

She added, “I’m a fan of all of theirs, and just to be in the same song doing something with them — collaborating, which I love to do, is a really big thing for me.”

While “Lady Marmalade” remains one of the most iconic music videos of all time, it seems Pink and Aguilera haven’t fully moved on from their alleged years-long feud. Tension seemingly ignited in the recording studio when trying to determine which vocalist would sing certain parts of the Grammy-winning song.

“[Label executive] Ron Fair walked in. He didn’t say hi to any of us and said, ‘What’s the high part? What’s the most singing part? Christina’s going to take that part,’” Pink claimed in her 2009 VH1 “Behind the Music” special.

“And I stood up, and I said ‘Hi. How are you? So nice of you to introduce yourself. I’m Pink. She will not be taking that part. I think that’s what the f–king meeting’s about.’”

Years later, in a 2017 “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” appearance, Pink alleged that Aguilera “swung” on her in a club.

“We were super young and super new at the whole [fame] thing. I think I’m an alpha and she’s an alpha, and I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to having them verbal. We just are very different,” the “So What” rocker said.

“She’s so talented, and, deep down, I’ve had bad days too. She’s a really sweet person. We made up on ‘The Voice.’ I hadn’t seen her in years and years and years. We became moms. We grew up. We hugged it out. It’s that simple. I feel so good about that.”

Aguilera denied the physical altercation ever happened, however, alleging to Andy Cohen in a January 2019 “WWHL” episode that Pink “could beat my ass.”

“I’ve seen her ‘Behind the Music’ [special] and I know she had some feelings or whatever about how the recording of ‘Lady Marmalade’ went down and all that,” the “Burlesque” star said at the time.

“I know [during] the actual video, she intimidated me a lot because she was heckling me in the audience behind the director, and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ But, that’s what she did back then. She’s a different person now.”

Pink’s recently been making headlines again in promotion of her ninth studio, “Trustfall.”

The album features tracks like “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” “When I Get There,” “Kids in Love” and “Hate Me,” with guest appearances by The Lumineers, Chris Stapleton and First Aid Kit.

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