Picasso Baby! Rapper Fabolous' 'Picasso 33' Sweatshirt & Paullster's Picasso 'In My Casa' Sweatshirt [Photos]

Rapper Fabolous Instagram

Rapper Fabolous wears GOAT Crew ‘Picasso’ Sweatshirt.

Jay-Z‘s song ‘Picasso Baby’ from his latest Magna Carta Holy Grail album, has inspired clothing pieces of the same theme, more specifically tees and sweatshirts. Rapper Fabolous posted a picture on his IG page earlier this week in a ‘GOAT Crew’ sweatshirt with ‘Picasso 33″ on the front, from Australian retailer Culture Kings. The pic was posted with the caption… “Lets make love on a million in a dirty hotel wit the fan on the  ceiling!! #OhWhatAFeeling”; which are lyrics from Jay-Z’s song of course. If you want to be part of the trend, Fab’s GOAT crewneck sweatshirt is a steal for $59.95.

If that sweatshirt doesn’t quite meet your fancy, then head on on over to the Fancy.com to cop a $90 “In my Casa” crewneck sweatshirt by ‘Paullster that displays the Picasso Baby lyrics “I Just Want A PICASSO In My Casa”; available in both grey and black. See pics below…

 pics: @myfabolouslife Instagram; Fancy online; CultureKings online



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