Pharrell Talks Raising Triplets, Admits He Doesn't Change Diapers: 'I Have a Tribe' [Video]

Pharrell and his wife Helen have their hands full with 5-month-old triplets — but they also have a lot of help.

During an appearance on ‘Today,’ Pharrell admitted that he leaves the diaper-changing up to his wife.

via NYDN:

“My wife is SEAL Team Six. There’s nothing she can’t do,” Williams said of his wife of four years, Helen Lasichanh, during an appearance on the “Today” show Tuesday. “She carried those three bodies and she’s just on it all the time.”

He continued, “We do have some people to help us, but it’s serious.”

“I have a tribe … it’s an assembly line,” he said of his family of six.

Check out the video below.

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