Phaedra Parks Wins Legal Victory Against Angela Stanton, Defamation Suit Dismissed


Phaedra Parks can go into this season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ knowing that she won’t have to pay author Angela Stanton a dime. Angela’s defamation lawsuit against her has been dismissed.

After years of legal battle, a judge ruled that Angela’s case shouldn’t go forward. Phaedra’s countersuit against Angela has also been dismissed.

Stanton’s attorney, James Radford, confirmed the dismissal today via his website.

via Decatur Legal:

The case of Phaedra Parks v. Angela Stanton was scheduled for trial on June 6, 2016 in the State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. On Monday, June 1, the court entered an order dismissing Ms. Stanton’s counterclaims against Ms. Parks. Ms. Parks subsequently agreed to dismiss with prejudice her lawsuit against Ms. Stanton if Ms. Stanton would agree not to appeal the order dismissing the counterclaims. So, the case is now resolved and will not go to trial.

We have some disappointment, as Ms. Stanton was anxious for her day in court. However, a dismissal is a dismissal, and Ms. Stanton is relieved that the claim of defamation has finally been buried. This has been a long, tumultuous process. Ms. Stanton looks forward to focusing on the positive things in her life, to following her dreams of being an author, and to sharing her life story with the world.

So, this basically means that Phaedra can’t sue Angela over her book — and Angela’s still free to tell her side of the story. You know, the side that says Phaedra’s just as guilty of criminal behavior as her husband Apollo.

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