Phaedra Parks Says Her Mortician Business in 'Booming' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Phaedra Parks says her business as a mortician is “booming” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

via Page Six:

Parks — the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star who’s now on “Marriage Bootcamp” — is also a licensed funeral director and mortician, plus a top Atlanta lawyer, author and activist. She exclusively revealed on Wednesday to Page Six podcast “We Hear” of her mortuary biz: “Oh my gosh, it’s going great, didn’t you hear about that pandemic, girl? We are booming. Unfortunately. We have been jam-packed since the pandemic started.”

She said that she’s seen the devastation of the virus first-hand: “I’m not physician, however, I do have a mortuary and I’ll tell you this: Normally in the summer months, we’re waiting for a boating accident or a motorcycle crash, because otherwise, we’re pretty empty,” she said. “We are jam-packed. We are working like it’s our heaviest season, so… I tell people when they say, ‘It’s a joke, it’s not that big of a deal,’ well, let me put it to you in real terms, I’m getting 17 calls a day for pickups and that’s at one location. Last week, all of the people were under 59.”

Phaedra is still out here Phaedra-ing, we see.

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