PETA Slams Offset's Crocodile Birkin Birthday Gifts For Cardi B |

PETA Slams Offset’s Crocodile Birkin Birthday Gifts For Cardi B

Offset didn’t hold any expenses in helping Cardi B celebrate her birthday.

via: The Blast

For her birthday, Offset got his wife, not one, not two, but three new Birkin bags with crocodile skin for her birthday, which has left the animal rights organization fuming.

On Friday, PETA Vice President Lisa Lange criticized the couple for purchasing a crocodile bag, calling out the “gruesome” and “violent” industry that “electroshocks crocodiles” and “mutilates” them while they are still alive.

“Instead of using his wealth and influence for good, Offset chose to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into a gruesome, violent industry that electroshocks crocodiles, shoves metal rods into their heads in an attempt to scramble their brains, and mutilates them while they’re still alive,” Lange said in a statement obtained by The Blast.

“PETA reminds everyone that people who still spend their money on a closet full of dead animals’ body parts either are clueless or simply don’t care about the extreme cruelty they’re perpetuating—it’s just not worth it,” they added.

It remains to be seen if Offset or Cardi B will return the bags now that PETA has spoken out against them, but it seems unlikely.

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