Pardison Fontaine Responds to Megan Thee Stallion Breakup, Abuse Rumors [Photo]

Pardison Fontaine took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday to address rumors that he and girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion broke up following abuse allegations.

via: Hot97

It was previously reported that the two may have called it quits after Megan Thee Stallion cleared her Instagram of pictures of the two. Fans began to speculate, but according to Pardi- all is well over there.

He took to his Instagram Story to address the allegations. He wrote, “stop this cap nobody putting hands on nobody..(at least not in that way).. been seein the break up rumors and was letting y’all imaginations run.. but y’all getting too crazy..”

The rumors started making the rounds on social media in December, after fans noticed Megan had removed all photos of Fontaine from her Instagram. Subsequently, unconfirmed reports surfaced that the couple split due to the Houston rapper’s temper.

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