Oprah's Stepmom Gets 60 Days to Vacate Her Home Following Eviction Hearing


The eviction hearing for Oprah’s former stepmother was held on Monday and Barbara Winfrey has been ordered to vacate her $1.4 million home in Tennessee. She has 60 days to do it.

Barbara Winfrey was married to Oprah’s father Vernon for over a decade, but the fight over the house has hung over the family since he filed for divorce in 2012. Oprah saved the home from foreclosure and became the house’s rightful owner.

Last month, the 66-year-old said she will have nowhere to go once she is evicted from the house she has lived in for 13 years, and says she will be left with a bad credit rating that will prevent her renting a new home.

I’m not trying to stay here [just] to stay here,’ Barbara Winfrey told the Tennessean. ‘Where am I going to go at 66 to find someplace to live? Who’s going to rent to me?’

After her husband filed for divorce, claiming inappropriate marital conduct, Barbara Winfrey made claims that Vernon, who is in his 80s, has been abusive to her. She also claimed he cheated on her for years with prostitutes —  including one named ‘One Tooth’, and threatened to shoot her.

Now, who knows what’s true or what isn’t true — but ‘One Tooth’? Ha….

[via MO]

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