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Oprah Talks Buying ‘Weight Watchers’ and Making $45 Million in One Day on ‘Ellen’ [Video]


Oprah Winfrey stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and spilled the details on her recent Weight Watchers purchase.

Initially, Mama O says she was hesitant to invest in the company because she needed to actually try the program first. ‘Since August 12th I have lost 15 pounds,’ said Oprah. ‘But I am excited about Weight Watchers being able to bring a healthier more holistic approach for everybody.’

Ellen asked why Oprah didn’t tell her to invest so she could make a little money. Oprah said it was because she was playing the ‘stay out of jail’ card!

Ellen then told the audience how Oprah managed to make $45 million in one day thanks to her investment.

‘So the stocks were trading at $6 a share she buys what like $40,000,000 you put in. In one day she made $45 million it doubled by the end of the day. Now had she made one phone call to me. I couldn’t have put $40 million in but I could have put a little bit of money in.’

‘No but we want to stay out of jail so,’ Oprah said.

Yes, Oprah and Ellen need to BOTH stay out of jail. Watch the clip below!

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