Oprah Says 'Queen Sugar' Sex Scenes Gave Her an Idea for Stedman in the Bedroom


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Oprah Winfrey dished on the Ava DuVernay-directed ‘Queen Sugar’ series getting ready to premiere on OWN next week.

Mama O revealed that the way Ava directed the sex scenes in the series inspired her to go home and try some new moves with her longtime boo Stedman Graham.

She told EW,

 “You want to be that person. It hits a sensual nerve. He is unhooking her bra, and you’re like, woah! I’m like, ‘I’m going to get Stedman [Graham] to unhook my bra and see what happens. Put your hand in my panty hose and let’s see what happens.’”

Well alright!

Ava says she shoots sex scenes in a restrained, almost prudish way — not a lot of movement, more focus on the before and the after rather than the doing.

“I try to show what happens before and after and around, because I think that’s sexier,” she explained.

‘Queen Sugar’ premieres during a two-night special event September 6th and 7th on OWN.

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