One More: Aretha Franklin Next Up for a Lifetime Biopic, Jennifer Hudson & Audra McDonald in Talks for the Lead


Could Aretha Franklin be next up for a Lifetime movie biopic?

Lifetime is already going through drama with the biopics of Aaliyah and Whitney Houston, but according to Aretha herself — they’re ready to take on one more.

via Billboard:

During a recent visit to New York she met with the Lifetime channel and is also in talks with potential producers about coming on board. “We’re very, very close to signatures on one agreement,” Franklin reports. “It’s just a matter of our coming to terms and agreeing about what we’re doing to do.” That hasn’t stopped Franklin from thinking about who will portray her, however.

“Right now it could be one of several people,” she says. “There’s always the producers’ book, who the producer wants you to consider, and sometimes unknown names.” Leading her list now, however, are Jennifer Hudson and multiple Tony Award winner Audra McDonald.

“Audra’s got a great voice to work with, but she’s very Broadway oriented,” Franklin notes. “but that doesn’t mean she cannot perform in the arena of soul, so that’s why I’m interested in hearing how she would sing my things. The singing is certainly going to be a very, very integral and important part of it.”

Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin? That could be interesting.

However, we think Audra has the potential to blow it out of the water.

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