Omarion Talks Co-Parenting With Apryl Jones And Her Dating Taye Diggs [Video]

Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s children, is dating actor Taye Diggs, whom the singer recently met for the first time.

via: Vibe

Omarion visited Sway in the Morning with Sway Calloway where he not only promoted his forthcoming album Full Circle: Sonic Book I, but also gave an update on co-parenting with ex-girlfriend Apryl Jones. He also commented on the former Love & Hip-Hop star‘s relationship with actor Taye Diggs.

Around the 12:00 mark of the interview, the Unbothered author was asked about his split from Apryl and if he felt apologetic in any way.

“Yeah I did,” he admitted. “it’s always difficult when you share something like children together with a person, you know what I’m saying? So yeah, I think that for me and my journey, especially in the relationship field, I realized a lot about my style and what I needed as far as support for my life. And because we were so very young, and saw that differently — and not to generalize women — but you know sometimes women think that love stories are supposed to have this happy ending.”

“It’s like, ‘Oh we vibing and we, you know, get married and then we have a family,’ but it’s really not like that. That wasn’t my experience,” he added.

O spoke on their co-parenting style saying, “I will say we have been moving towards a better relationship at this particular point in time, for the kids. It’s all good, it was just something we went through. I think as long as respect is over-stood and appreciated within the scope of the blended family then I think you can virtually get through anything.”

Speaking to having a blended family — now that Apryl dates Diggs, who has children of his own — the 38-year-old mentioned that he did have a chance to meet the Hollywood star briefly.

“I just met him for the first time and he seems like a cool dude,” he shared. “He has kids of his own and he’s an older man so I only expect good things from him.”

The two met at Omarion and Apryl’s son‘s school event where Diggs came to support. Omarion did admit that “it’s a beautiful thing when somebody finds a good thing,” and he says that he’s in support of their relationship.

Watch his full interview with Sway Calloway on Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning below.

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