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Oh No Ma’am: Indiana Man Charged With Killing His Ex-Girlfriend and Eating Her Brains [Photo]


In what sounds like a scene from The Walking Dead, Joseph Oberhansley from Indiana has been charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, and breaking and entering after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton and eating part of her brain.

Not only did he kill her and then eat her brain, he did so after SHE bailed HIM out of jail.

via AJC:

The corpse was also missing part of the heart and lungs. Oberhansley was arrested last week and charged with abuse of a corpse, murder, and breaking and entering. 

Police in Jeffersonville, Indiana said when Oberhansley was taken into custody, they found a knife in his pocket soaked with blood and covered with hair. Raw Story reports Oberhansley admitted cooking and eating part of the missing organs. 

A search of the area turned up tongs covered with blood, a skillet and human remains in the trash. 

After you’ve been prosecuting for so long, you think you’ve seen everything,” Prosecutor Steve Stewart said. 

“I’ve never seen this.” 

In Monday’s court appearance Oberhansley denied involvement and wouldn’t admit his name, telling the judge, “Obviously, you’ve got the wrong guy.” Instead, he insisted his name was “Zeus Brown.” 

This isn’t Oberhansley’s first trouble with the law. 

Cops confirm he was convicted of manslaughter in Utah when he was a teenager. After killing his girlfriend, he shot himself in the head. The bullet ripped through part of his brain’s frontal lobe, causing irreparable damage.  He was also arrested after choking a man while naked, and leading police on a chase near Louisville. 

You’d think that after his first, second, and third encounters with the law that this man wouldn’t have been walking free. Gotta love the justice system…


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