Watch: Sherri Shepherd Keeps It All The Way Real About Her Divorce From Lamar Sally, Dating Johnny GIll & More on ‘Wendy’ [Video]

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Sherri Shepherd stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and spoke publicly for the first time about her messy divorce from Lamar Sally.

Before she got into that, Wendy asked Sherri’s thoughts on The View and their new co-hosts Rosie Perez, Rosie O’Donnell, and Nicolle Wallace.

Sherri says:

“I watched ‘The View’ on Monday and I love the hot topics. I love when they get into it. I think everybody is very nervous. Rosie Perez I know you are a champion and I have been championing Rosie Perez for a long time. Go girl!”

She also spoke about her relationship with Rosie and shared how Rosie helped her get started on The View by giving her salary advice.

Now, if you remember — Sherri’s ex-husband Jeffrey took her to court to claim custody of their 9-year-old son under the basis of Sherri being a bad mother. The court sided with Sherri, but what’s the status of their relationship now?

He took me court. The paper said that I was a bad mother. And anybody who knows me knows I live for my son Jeffrey, he is everything to me. I’m a working mama. I went to court in L.A. and the judge ruled in my favor. I retained custody of my son.”

In regard to her current estranged husband Lamar Sally and ex Jeffrey teaming up to take her down, she says:

“That’s creepy! That’s nasty. It’s like everybody is suing me, just ask me to be a reference on a job application, you don’t have to sue me. I don’t know why they’re talking, what’s going on.”

She says she doesn’t talk to Lamar these days: ‘No we don’t talk but I’m on my knees praying a lot for him.’

And that because everything regarding the surrogate situation is in legal limbo, she can’t talk about it.

What she can (and did) talk about was the new man in her life, Johnny Gill. Despite rumors, she says they aren’t dating and are just good friends.

“Johnny and I are really good friends because I am a New Edition groupie.” 

From the way she lit up when she was talking about him, we’d be foolish not to think there was anything going on. We’ll keep an eye on those two.

Watch Sherri’s appearance below.

[via The YBF]

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