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Oh No Ma’am! Gambler Denied $100,000 Jackpot Because His Friend Pushed the Button


Jan Flato of Fort Lauderdale, FL, went out with a friend to play video poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

He put $50 in a slot machine and let his friend, 35-year-old Marina Navarro, push the button for good luck.

Within seconds, the machine flashed and said Jan won $100,000 — but he didn’t get his prize.

Casino managers took a look at the surveillance video of the game and learned it was Marina who pushed the button — making her the rightful winner of the $100,000.

Hard Rock Casino issued a statement saying “the person who pushes a slot machine button or pulls the arm is the person who wins the jackpot.”

A good friend would have handed over the coins? Right? Well, Marina took her $100,000 jackpot and left.

“I said, ‘Marina, what are you doing?’ and she gets up and walks out,” Jan told .

Jan says he has barely heard from Marina since she took his jackpot. She says she was going to give him some of the money, but that he’s been sending her threatening test messages. Now she has security keeping him away from her.

Jan is angry about what happened and has this warning for other gamblers: “Don’t ever let them touch the button, don’t even tell them to touch anything for luck, because they can do what Marina did to me.”

Let this be a lesson — be careful who you gamble with!

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