NYPD Cop Under Suspension for Posting 'Embarrassing' Photo of Brooklyn Family in Handcuffs on Snapchat

A Brooklyn woman says she became a holiday laughing stock after an NYPD officer posted a picture of her handcuffed on social media with the caption, “Merry Christmas, it’s the NYPD.”

via NYDN:

Kimberly Santiago, 28, said the photo — that was shared worldwide on the Snapchat app – shows her relatives being detained as warrant squad cops rummaged through her Dumont Avenue apartment in Brownsville on Thursday morning.

“Oh my God. When I saw that, I just said, man, this whole time this guy was recording this, like we were a joke?” Santiago told the Daily News.

One cop stood watching the group from the door, typing away on his phone, she recalled.

Hours later, a friend sent her a picture that Snapchat circulated as part of its “New York Story.”

A second photo popped up a few hours later, Santiago said.

It was another snapshot of the handcuffed family and it read, “Warrant sweeps Its still a party smh,” using an acroynm for “shaking my head.”

The NYPD confirmed that a warrant was executed at the address, but would not say what or who they were looking for, citing an ongoing investigation.

Police did not identify the officer who posted the photos, but said he works at the 73rd Precinct and has been suspended.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating.


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