Not So Fast! Russell Wilson Did NOT Buy Ciara Her Masters as a Christmas Gift

Ciara recently launched her own label imprint, Beauty Marks Entertainment, and at the time of her announcement a rumor began to circulate that husband Russell Wilson bought the master recordings from Ciara’s discography and gave them to her.

That report isn’t true.

via Complex:

Over the weekend, a report from Media Take Out started gaining traction in which it was alleged that Wilson bought the masters from Jive and Epic. “Russell bought her the masters and gave them to her, in her name only,” a “music executive” and “insider” told the gossip site, adding that the gifting took place in 2017.

However, sources close to the couple told Complex that Russell Wilson did not purchase Ciara her masters as a Christmas gift.

We had a feeling the rumor was a bit far-fetched. If true, it would’ve been an amazing gesture!

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