Not So Fast! Fifth Harmony Fires Back at Camila Cabello's Claims They Knew She Planned to Leave

At 12:00am on 12/19/16, Fifth Harmony announced that Camila Cabello left the group in a letter posted to their Twitter account. 

Why is the date and time important? Because 12:00am on 12/19/16 was the exact moment that Camila no longer had any contractual obligation to the group.

To make a long letter short, the girls said that they found out via Camila’s “representatives” that she no longer wished to be a part of Fifth Harmony.

In a letter posted to her own Twitter, Camila says that she was ‘shocked’ by the girls’ letter because they knew for a while that she was planning to do her own thing.

The rest of Fifth Harmony has clapped back, saying that they’ve been “making an effort” for the last year trying to convince Camila to give Fifth Harmony fans one more album. The girls say that they’ve tried to have group meetings AND even group counseling to figure out the future of the group and that Camila skipped them all.

This whole ordeal is getting WAY messier than we expected it to be.

You can read both Camila’s response AND the group’s response below.

This is way messier than what we expected it to be.

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