NLE Choppa States That He’d Let A Woman Eat Him Out [Video]

To each their own.

via: HotNewHipHop

As much as his music has made him one of Memphis’ biggest stars, we can’t help but marvel at NLE Choppa’s wild interview and social media moments. Moreover, he has a bit of a reputation these days for engaging in romantic content and discussions, whether regarding relationships or more lewd matters. In the first category, there was his attempt at dating Meagan Good, which fell through and got a lot of teasing, especially after she reportedly started dating Jonathan Majors. Sure, he wasn’t too happy about that, but that hasn’t made him any less of a heartthrob.

During a recent interview with Zach Campbell on the Full Tired A** podcast, the rapper shared some steamy revelations about what he likes in the bedroom. “Yeah, like, on the real, I feel like in the bedroom, I just got one rule,” NLE Choppa began his answer to Campbell’s question of whether he’s interested in “getting [his] a** ate.” “Don’t enter me. Keep the door closed, you know what I’m saying? And I ain’t finna put my legs in the air or I ain’t gon’ bend over for it. But, if she find her way down there through all of those restrictions, and she don’t enter the door, and she just kind of like rub on the knob, she ring the doorbell, we straight! Like, I ain’t on none of that, ’cause I know me. I know who I am.”

Of course, this might just add to a lot of people online swooning over NLE Choppa, possibly including Saucy Santana. He recently pleaded for the 20-year-old to take his sultry Instagram thirst traps elsewhere. “NLE PLZ!!! OK!” he commented under his IG post in just a towel and shower cap. “Take it to OF! I’m aggravated.” Whether Santana’s looking for more on OnlyFans or would rather not see them at all is up to interpretation. At least it’s been funny to see how different people come to different conclusions about the comment.

Meanwhile, the Cottonwood 2 artist is manifesting his romantic sensibilities in other unconventional (and financially destructive) ways. Earlier in the year, he tweeted about wanting to pay every woman’s rent. While it’s quite the hard mission to accomplish, we’re sure that he fell into a lot of people’s good graces with that one.

Just remember, there’s no kink shaming in 2023.

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