Nicki Minaj Wants You to Know Her Husband Doesn't See Social Media Criticism: ‘Rappers Would Kill for This Attention' [Photo]

Nicki Minaj sees all of the comments about her husband — but he doesn’t.

Video of Nicki performing in her home country of Trinidad has surfaced online, and Kenneth Petty caught some criticism after he was seen pushing Carnival singer Iwer George’s arm away from the rapper.

In a tweet responding to an article about the video, Nicki made it clear Kenneth has no idea what people say about him on the internet.

“My husband be all over the blogs & he don’t even know it,” she said. “No social media to see y’all talk about him more than y’all talk bout these rappers dats out here doin the most for y’all attention… I could never comment on a regular man this much.” In a follow-up tweet, she added, “Ppl get so mad when they see u happy. Just laugh & keep it pushin. Life is beautiful.”

She then took to Instagram to continue sharing her thoughts.

“Rappers would kill for this attention chile. Lol at night when we go to bed I say ‘babe u was all over the blogs today.’ He be like ‘oh word?’ ?? he rlly don’t have social media to see y’all write think pieces about him chile.”

Peep her post below.

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