Nicki Minaj Unfollows Fan After Being Asked About Her Silence on Orlando Shooting


Last night, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to promote her new song with DJ Mustard and Jeremih.

In the midst of her tweets, a fan expressed disappointment that Nicki could find time to tweet about her song but not acknowledge anything that happened with the Orlando massacre.



Shortly after, the fan shared news that Nicki had unfollowed him due to his questioning — ¬†along with screenshots.



The situation turned into a debate on Twitter — largely about whether or not Nicki (or other celebrities) are obligated to use their platforms to speak on social issues.

Many argue that Nicki, who owes a lot of her success to her LGBT fanbase, SHOULD at least acknowledge what happened in Orlando.

But other Barbz feel she shouldn’t.

Nicki continued to promote her song while being questioned, but the rapper also began favoriting tweets about not needing to speak on the tragedy if she doesn’t want to.


Nicki also favorited a tweet dissing Perez Hilton for his comments on her silence, but he swooped in with a READ.

Nicki eventually responded to the criticism, but basically laughed it all off.

How do you feel, love muffins? Should Nicki have spoken out on the Orlando shooting — or is she justified in ignoring it?

Whether she speaks on it or not his her choice. However, we think the fact she’d rather intentionally laugh it off and make jokes than issue a simple acknowledgement is a little…tacky.

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