Nicki Minaj Swatted Again, 911 Called To Respond To Alleged Shooting At Home

Nicki Minaj falls victim to swatting yet again as caller claims of shooting at her L.A. house.

via: HotNewHipHop

For those unaware, “swatting” refers to someone calling police on false grounds just to have them bother a celebrity at their home. In fact, this is unfortunately far from the first time that the Trinidadian MC faced these fake calls and had to explain herself to police. According to TMZ, Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies went to her house in the San Fernando Valley and spoke to Minaj upon arrival. From what reports indicate, it seems like they clarified and resolved the situation swiftly.

Moreover, this online phenomenon targeted many celebrities, streamers, and non-famous people for years. Despite law enforcement’s best efforts to mitigate the impact of these calls and to verify them with certainty, it’s a hard hurdle to jump over. After all, you run the risk of not responding to a legitimate call, but you put people in danger by doing so for a fake one. This has been happening for so long that a true fix for the issue is unlikely, and neither Nicki Minaj nor anyone else deserves that kind of harassment.

Furthermore, at least this case seemingly wrapped up quickly after police and the 40-year-old rapper spoke. What makes this situation even harder to stomach is that Nicki Minaj should be enjoying herself and basking in her success right now.

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