Nicki Minaj and Piers Morgan Trade Shots After Rapper’s Controversial Vaccine Comments |

Nicki Minaj and Piers Morgan Trade Shots After Rapper’s Controversial Vaccine Comments

Nicki Minaj and Piers Morgan have spent the better part of their Tuesday going back and forth on Twitter.

via Billboard:

On Monday, the rapper revealed that she skipped the 2021 Met Gala due to its vaccine requirement and further explained how she was opting out of getting the jab until she conducts more research herself. Within her viral tweets about the vaccine, Minaj also shared a story about how one of her cousins suffered from adverse side effects after being vaccinated in her native Trinidad.

Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer and the U.K. government’s chief medical adviser, commented on Minaj’s claims in a press conference Tuesday, saying she should be “ashamed,” adding that there are “a number of myths that fly around, some of which are just clearly ridiculous and some of which are clearly designed just to scare. That happens to be one of them.”

Morgan jumped into the conversation by tweeting, “Professor Whitty beefing with the ghastly @NICKIMINAJ (one of the rudest little madams I’ve ever met) is not the breaking news that I expected today – but it’s most welcome. She’s peddling lies that will cost lives.”

But Minaj clapped back at Morgan by claiming the two had never met before and suggesting they fix that the old-fashioned English way. “Sir I’ve never met you. I know… we all look alike. ‘Rudest little madam’. I like it. Has a special ring to it. Thanks Pierce,” the “Yikes” MC responded while later changing her Twitter bio to “Rudest little madam” with the Union Jack symbol. “Love the accent. I’d love to come chat. Scones. Tea. Clown nose & big red shoes for you. Lmk babe.”

The former America’s Got Talent judge did let her know, however, that the two have in fact been in the same room together: Minaj performed her 2011 Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit “Where Them Girls At” with Flo Rida and David Guetta on the singing competition series, while Morgan was still one of the judges, as a few fans pointed out on Twitter.

“Madam, we met on @AGT when you appeared as a guest act – but you refused to say hello to my three young sons because you were ‘too busy,'” Morgan fired back. “Oh, and it’s ‘Piers’ – I know, we Brit names all sound alike.”

Minaj promptly told him to “stop f-kng lying” and claimed that one of the members on her team might have been the ones to shoo Morgan and his family away. “Don’t blame me you stupid piece of sh–,” she shot back before asking the Barbz what AGT was after she remembered briefly stepping on as an American Idol judge during season 13. When a fan showed her footage from her “Where Them Girls At” performance on AGT, Minaj simply rejected the notion (cue “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy): “That’s not me.”


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