Nicki Minaj Congratulates Lil Nas X for Speaking His Truth and Coming Out...As a Barb + He Explains Why He Previously Denied It

Nicki Minaj is sending congratulations to Lil Nas X for letting the world know that he’s…a barb.

A quick backstory — before becoming famous, Lil Nas X ran the NasMaraj stan account dedicated to Nicki. He initially denied he was the one behind the page, but he has since come clean.

On Monday, Lil Nas X explained to his followers why he hid his love for Nicki.

He first tweeted Nicki, asking for a feature on one of his songs:

Then, a barb called him out and asked why he denied running the stan account:

Lil Nas X then explained how he felt people would interpret the stan account if he would’ve owned it at the beginning of his career:

After the exchange, Nicki took to Twitter to admit that she was hurt a bit by Lil Nas’ denial, but she ultimately wished him well.

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