Nick Cannon Advises Zeddy Will To 'Seek Therapy' After He Throws Joint Baby Shower for His 5 Baby Mamas [Video] |

Nick Cannon is dishing out life advice.

via: The Messenger

After news broke that 22-year-old New York City musician and comedian Zeddy Will apparently held a joint baby shower for five women he got pregnant, the Love Don’t Cost a Thing star — who is father to 12 children with six different women — offered some sound advice.

“Get some sleep,” Cannon said in a video obtained by TMZ. “Rest up. Get into therapy ASAP. We all need therapy.”

On Monday, one of the pregnant women, Lizzy Ashleigh, claimed in a TikTok video that Will hosted a joint shower for all five expecting mothers-to-be.

“When your Baby Daddy got 4 other girls pregnant at the same time,” the video says.

@lizzyashmusic I guess we Sister Wives now #babydaddy #drama #babyshower #babymama ? original sound – Lizzy Ashliegh

Ashleigh showed off party invitations for a shower, hosted in Queens on Jan. 14. The five women surround Will in a photo on the invite, captioned, “Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1-5.” More photos from the event show the women flaunting baby bumps.

In another video, Ashleigh shared that she and the other moms — Bonnie B, Kay Merie, Jylene Vila and Iyanla Kalifa Galletti — have “accepted each other” because it is “better for the little ones” to grow up with a “big family.” She captioned one photo, “Look at our beautiful family! We love our Baby Daddy! We will not ruin our babies’ lives! Our families have accepted this!”

While it’s unclear if the shower was a stunt or, in fact, real, the internet is here for it.

“The only thing that matters here is if he is able and capable of taking care of all of them and their babies,” one TikTok user commented. “If they like it we gotta love it.”

The Messenger has reached out to Zeddy Will’s team for comment.

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