How Nice! Grandma Who Accidentally Texted Wrong Teen Last Thanksgiving Reissues Invite for 2017 [Video]

Wanda Hence and Jamal Hinton have become rather good friends after Wanda accidentally invited Jamal to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner last year.

Wanda had the wrong number and sent who she thought was her grandson an invite to Thanksgiving dinner, but it turned out to be Jamal. Screenshots of their text exchange went viral and Jamal actually showed up to dinner.

A year later, Wanda actually asked Jamal to come again — and he did.

via 12 News:

“She was so nice and welcoming last year, I said I would be there,” Jamal said, after eating Thanksgiving at her Mesa home for a second year in a row. “She’s a great friend.” 

“He always has an open invite to our house for Thanksgiving,” Wanda said, when asked if this might become a tradition.

This new tradition is even more remarkable because Jamal has a grandmother of his own who also invited him to dinner. 

“I’ll just shoot over there, apologize for being late and try to stuff another plate in,” Jamal said.

It’s all part of a brand new Thanksgiving tradition which was only born from a holiday mistake, if that’s even what you want to call it.

“I do believe there are no accidents in life,” Wanda said.

This is sweet and all, but let’s just hope Wanda’s Thanksgiving food is good.

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