NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp Under Fire After Refusing to Tip Waitress: 'Boys Don't Tip' [Photos]


NFL Hall of Fame legend Warren Sapp has gotten himself into a bit of controversy after he refused to tip a waitress at a Florida sports bar on Tuesday

According to Sapp, he didn’t tip the waitress only because her service sucked. 

The waitress posted a photo of his receipt showing a big fat ‘0’ on the tip line along with a note written by Sapp that reads “Boys don’t tip.”


After the photo went viral, Sapp took to Twitter to defend himself, saying he chose not to tip because the server kept calling him and his friend “boys”.


On Wednesday, the waitress spoke out for the first time since the tip-gate, offering her side of the story. The waitress, Corey D’Agata, told radio host Andy Slater at 940 WINZ in Miami that she felt she did nothing to offend Sapp.

‘We were busy. I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I just said, “Hey, boys, what can I get you to drink?” and he stopped me right there,’ D’Agata recounted. ‘He said, “We’re not boys, I’m a man.” So then I called him “sugar” and “honey.”’

How do you feel about the situation? Should Warren have tipped anyway?

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