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Sheree Whitfield Sued By ANOTHER Contractor Over Her Still-Unfinished Chateau Sheree

Despite what you may have heard — Chateau Sheree is still unfinished and undergoing work.

Sheree Whitfield has been hit with another lawsuit over the property, this time from a contractor who says he hasn’t been paid for his work.

via AJC:

On January 3, Heritage Landscape Group of Flowery Branch filed a claim in Fulton County Magistrate Court against the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” castmate for $10,012.50 in alleged unpaid bills for landscaping work on Whitfield’s home and help getting her get a certificate of occupancy. (No word she has received said certificate.)

The claim, which I was able to procure, said she paid less than half the bill, then said she didn’t have the money. Then she told Heritage she was not happy with the work, the claim said.

Back in 2015, another contractor sued Sheree for thousands in unpaid work. Sheree filmed a ‘housewarming party’ in October 2016 for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for which she had to pay a $1,000 fine to the city of Sandy Springs for not having the proper permits for the party.

An uninhabitable home is an unfinished home. Let’s hope Sheree can finally move in sometime in 2017.


  1. People in franed houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  2. She is a joke

  3. She is such a fraud.

  4. Trump apprentice and protege!

  5. Trailer trash

  6. And, she criticized Kenya Moore? Fashion show with no clothes, house with no walls, buying with no money; no wonder she is trying to get back with her ex. Now, she is trying to write a “tell-all” book…. no class and no brains!

  7. Now folks, this a text book example of stunting. So sad.

  8. Chateau Thelma… lol!

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