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Open Letter: What Really Happened to Me at the BET Awards

BScott_Before_After_BET Awards_2013
Approved outfit selections as submitted to BET prior to the show.

BET reached out to me to be the Style Stage Correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards 106 and Park Pre-Show. I’ve previously appeared on BET’s 106 and Park twice. On both occasions, there was never an issue with my appearance or how I chose to express myself. Ever.

The powers that be for this show wanted “B. Scott”…but not really. From the beginning, I wanted to make this work. I even tried to secure Chris Brown’s stylist to help me in putting together an appropriate ensemble. Unfortunately BET couldn’t afford him and instead sent over their own stylists to work with me.

After a few weeks of sending over mood boards and going over approved looks, we decided on a few options. All of which were generally more masculine than what I would wear if I were able to decide on my own. Blazers, long sleeved dress shirts, black pants, loafers.

We didn’t know at the time that Los Angeles would be in the middle of a record heat wave, and the options we selected just weren’t weather appropriate. The day before the show I spoke with BET’s style team and we agreed that it was okay to have a more weather appropriate ensemble option.

Not only was it agreed upon among the stylists, I met with a producer of the show the night before and showed her the ensemble. She said it was acceptable and requested I send over a picture so that she could forward it to whomever she needed to. The picture of the complete outfit was sent over and everything was fine. At all points during this process, everything I was going to wear or considering wearing was both discussed and approved. According to BET, everything had to be approved because I was hosting sponsored segments and the sponsors needed to be comfortable.

The morning of the show I arrived on set at 10am for rehearsals. During rehearsals I sent the new outfit over to wardrobe to be steamed. Everybody involved in the process knew what I was wearing and began preparing the pieces accordingly.

As I was getting ready (hair, makeup, wardrobe), various members of the production team were in and out of my trailer making sure I had everything I needed. A producer visited my trailer as I was getting my makeup done. Another producer was there when I was getting my hair straightened. They were even there outside waiting as I was putting on the finishing touches of my outfit.

After rushing to make it to the red carpet in time, I was escorted by several members of production down to the stage. Everybody I spoke with commented on how fabulous I looked. There was never any indication that there was an issue. There was no pushback. I was simply there to do my job.

After interviewing AJ Calloway for my first segment I was literally yanked backstage and told that my look from head to toe “wasn’t acceptable.”

They asked me to pull my hair back, they asked me to change my attire.

Let’s be clear, I wasn’t wearing a ball gown and stiletto heels. I was wearing long pants, and a long shirt.

I was returned to my trailer and forced to change into one of the other outfits while other producers waited outside. I changed quickly and returned to set, only to be told that I had been replaced by Adrienne Bailon and wouldn’t be going on at all.

I was hurt. I am hurt.

A consultant from Procter & Gamble (the company who sponsored the BET Style Stage) watched the entire incident play out. She came over and offered her words of support and encouragement. Her words, ‘We at Procter & Gamble support you and we do not agree with what BET is doing to you’ were extremely comforting. She also explained to me that someone made the call to have me pulled, and that it was the wrong call.

After all, the sponsor approved B. Scott and were expecting B. Scott from the beginning.

I’m not sure what happened, but there were some internal phone calls made and as a result I was added back to the show.

I feel as though at the last minute that someone at BET wasn’t comfortable with someone like me.

It’s not just about the fact that BET forced me to pull my hair back, asked me to take off my makeup, made me change my clothes and prevented me from wearing a heel. It’s more so that from the mentality and environment created by BET made me feel less than and that something was wrong with who I am as a person.

I want to thank everybody at BET who supported me and fought for me to be on this red carpet.

Thank you to all of my love muffins who have shown support in various ways.

I initially didn’t want to talk about this situation because I was truly embarrassed. But, I feel that it’s important to know that no matter how you choose to express yourself, it is okay to be who you are.


  1. varanekaceleste

    fcuk bet

    • Anybody ever think about him wearing heels wouldn’t be appropeite due to hi height and alot of the shorter women he had to be interviewing?

      • I’m sorry have you ever seen Prince ? Oh….

      • And yet….you’re on his blog. Troll much?!! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but he’s always fabulous and trendy in a pair of heels and makeup. If you think it’s a travesty no one will notice (or miss you) once you’ve seen yourself out of his virtual door.

        • You obviously need to re-read my last sentence.

          • He wouldn’t need to go on a job interview dressed like that because he ALREADY HAD THE JOB DAMMIT!! What a ridiculous thing to say in this situation..shows your lack of depth and intellect. Do you know anything about history? Heels and “frilly” attire were all the rage for men of power and wealth in Europe..men is heels laid a foundation for the foot positions of ballet; a great addition to cultured society.

          • yo man he wears heels of woman to look like a woman not to be a man of power Stop that shit SMH… Miguel had some heels and it didn’t matter. it’s what you trying to prove. That non gender life is not always accepted, and you can’t force the world to accept it. It’s nothing to do with homophobia. Personnally, I found it more funny but I think if really there were an issue B Scott, should’ve refuse to go back, but he came back and accept the cheque. So really there is no debate… BET Payed you to do a job in some conditions and with some policies (clear or not you he had to made it clear before) Next time he’ll say with my heels

      • if you find anything about him “distracting” thats on you baby. Aint nothing wrong with a beautiful man. NOTHING. I wonder if this would ever happen to Andrej Pejic?

      • Gender policing of an LGBT person by supposed “allies” on a national stage is, in fact, a travesty.

      • Have you seen these artist wearing heels, and skirts and so on? Have you seen these young fools walking around and performing with their asses hanging out? That’s ok huh? smh

      • Michelle Celestyne Levy

        They hired B. Scott and knew who he his and how he dresses from his appearances on the network. That’s like hiring a man w/ dread locks and once he has the job, corporate tells him he has to cut them. Those are issues that’s addressed before you even give the position to someone. If they would have told B. Scott beforehand that they wanted him to look more traditional, that would have given him the power to say no.

        • And, and they wanted to pick out the outfit for him. B. Scott I am certain can choose his own clothing for an event like that. Stupid BET and sponsors too!!!

      • -Man get out of here. He has the right to dresses how he pleased. BET knew who he was obviously and knew how he dressed previous to this Award show. Meaning,they knew what they were getting into. Especially for producers to walk right past him and not speak a word about it. Obviously he was fine.They just wanted to make him feel bad. Period.

      • be careful….it’s not politically correct to call a male, a man! he is a “person”! lmao!! Lord Jesus come quickly!!

        • Comical! Attempting to justify a man wearing stilettos and a dress at a professional setting. But hey, they have the right to their opinions Lol.

      • Are you kidding. Their were distractions that had nothing to do with B. Scott. Narrow-minded.

      • Anabelle Whitepaws

        He WASN’T wearing a heels and a dress. Did you even bother to read the article?

      • Although, I understand why and agree with you; THEY KNEW who he was when they hired him. And not only that, it is COMPLETELY bad business to pull something like this, 5 min before a show. Even it was not considered to be homophobic (or please provide the correct word); the way it was handled made it look like it

  2. Latricia Musgrove

    You rock B!!! They were just hating on you

  3. Kimberly Whatugot Edmondson

    Well it is truly their loss! There is something better coming your way. I love you just the way you are and it was obvious something was wrong. Stay true to yourself. Love ya

  4. Ronderrick Mitchell

    BET is Disgusting for doing this!

  5. Another example of BET’s lack of professionalism. It’s a shame you worked within BET guidelines and procedures to ensure everyone was happy, and still got treated in such a horrible manner. Their actions were uncalled for and their poor choices are a reflection why many of us who chose to no longer support the network.

  6. BET sucks and this is doing nothing but showing how they truly feel about you and maybe even the entire LGBT community. Way to push yourself back while the rest of the world is stepping forward…….I give BET 10 year (give or take) and they’ll be gone.

  7. damn…that’s just unacceptable and atrociously utterly rude and so inconsiderate…if it was me even if they issued a public apology…i wouldn’t want to support any of its events after how i was treated…you certainly had done your part professionally my dear B…BET was just out of line and nowhere professional in what they had done to you…stay true to yourself sistah…

  8. <3 I just don't understand how they could do that. I've seen you on 106 and Park plenty of times and you looked Fabulous. I feel as though BET trys to put on this front like "yes we support the lgbt community" but this just shows that there is always a line to things like this. It kind of makes me upset…but I love you and love what you do…:)

  9. Worthit MakeThis

    Thank you for communicating this. I could tell watching the pre show that something was off. I support u 100% No one’s insecurity can take away from the fact that ur beautiful.

  10. Charlie Phatandcutewitit Starr


  11. There is something bigger and better in store for an amazing person like you. Remember that.

  12. Lemme get my purse. We going to them ho’s houses.

  13. love you b … f*CK BET

  14. blackalaureate

    i admit that i don’t know a lot about you or what is current with BET for that matter, but this story is shameful. they wanted you and knew what that meant. they tried to colonize you, and for a so called “black” entertainment network that’s just not even understandable.

    thank you for sharing your story with everyone. i really appreciate it. i look forward to checking out your future projects and getting to know more about you!

  15. wow! i am blown away, B baby you are amazing. I’ve watched you since your youtube days, i am a huge fan. It’s sad that at this day and age people still cannot except those for who they are. Keep up your great work, you inspire many of us out there. love you!!!

  16. That’s a shame. Clearly they know that B Scott is fab & androgynous. And clearly they hired him for a fashion segment for a reason! So why in THEE world would they not let him be himself? I know they have seen videos and plenty of pictures of B and they were well aware of his personality and persona! I know he showed up looking fab and they made him tone it down and not be himself?! BS if you ask me. Don’t hire someone if you will not ALLOW them to be themselves BET. He can’t look fab but Ms Good can show breasts for a gospel segment? oh ok BET

  17. BET Bites. They should be the embarrassed ones. Not you. What people dont understand is that BET is not a black owned network and the “powers that be” have some crappy programming because they think this is what black people are all about. Screw BET. I never liked them anyway.

  18. Hi B Scott, I just want to tell you that you truly brave to step out there and be unapologetic about who you are. I’m a woman, and do you know how many times I’ve been afraid to wear a piece of jewelry simply bcuz I thought I wasn’t trendy? Or to wear something from the thrift store because it wasn’t trendy. I mean I am afraid of judgment for a piece of clothing and you go out there, all out fabulous and you own it no matter what people. I wish I could hug you until your eyelashes pop out. for real. You being who you are is helping me be that much braver. peace to you.

  19. Andrea R. Roberts

    B. Scott. I was watching you and wondering if they were treating you right. i had a bad feeling about it and looks like my hunch was correct. Thanks for speaking up about this. This story needs to get out.

  20. J a Y i Z m E e ™

    B.Scott thanks for sharing this, it is a story that needs to be put to light!!! You are an amazing person, I am still upset for you that this happened the way that it did, nothing hurts me more to see others made to feel less than, because I’ve been there. In the light of change it seems that we are taking steps forward then taking more steps back. In these situations there can only be bigger and better things for you, from blogging to youtube to our TV screens we at the LGBT community are rooting for you!!! Love you B!

  21. Fuck BET…time for us to let them have it the same manner in which Paula Deen is being served. I’ve stopped watching BET…they don’t represent Black Entertainment at all…there is full spectrum of black art/artists/entertainment they cut out or not include because it is not “commercial”…kick rocks BET….your time is up…

    • I know RIGHT. I don’t watch BET for the same reason. They keep up the stereotypes, there’s a whole different world/way/being of black people and how we think and behave and LOOK they don’t even show it. I can’t relate to it at ALL.


  23. RaisedByCulture

    My husband I were watching the show and not knowing who you were before this – we clearly saw a change in your demeanor. I am glad you carried on and showed how professional you are! Kudos to those that respect you and P&G. Your new lovemuffin, Xenia

  24. I am SO SORRY this happened to you, but am also extremely proud and thankful that you’ve shared this story with the public. Please don’t ever stop being yourself. We love you just the way you are, lovebug!

  25. The whole thing seems a bit ridiculous, and I am sorry this happened to you. I was really excited to see you host the entire show, but it was nice to see you come back on and werk it like you always do!!

  26. Hey….YOU be YOU! I may not agree; but, I will NEVER stop anyone from being their true self!

  27. I will always support B. Scott. Why is anyone confused about who you are and what you stand for. I’m proud of you for being willing to compromise and I’m proud of you for being proud. Keep working hard and you will continue to press forward! Keep your head held high because you are royalty!

  28. B’ I am totally sorry that this was such a bad experience for you. Clearly BET is still behind the times and this is (in my opinion) exactly why they have fallen behind networks like VH1, Style, and MTV. They don’t have an all-inclusive attitude and though times are changing and the rest of the world is becoming progressive and accepting of all different types of individuals clearly BET is stuck in the stone age.The fact that they would hire you for a job knowing who you are and then treat you with such disdain is beyond me. I stopped watching BET a long time ago: i just couldn’t deal with their misogynistic, hollier than thou, homophobic and ill produced content. This information was just another notch in the headboard for me and as far as I am concerned my strike of their network will continue and I personally would urge others to follow suit. Perhaps BET doesn’t know how unacceptable their atmosphere is and maybe if we were to stop watching their networks and send some letters to their sponsors if we hit them in their pockets maybe their attitudes and bad behaviors will change. I am just saying. We will fight the white woman who uses the word nigger but we won’t put the black folks in place who disrespect us in just the same sort of way. They basically called B’ a homo/fag, while trying to use him to line their pockets.

  29. BET knew what that they were going to get.

  30. I really can’t with BET sometimes. Seriously they knew who you were and what you were about and you went above and beyond making sure all that needed to be in the loop about your outfit and the change that had to happen. Honey, don’t let them take your shine away. Continued success and even bigger opportunities are on the horizon for you.

  31. bless ur heart … dont even worry about bet & their drama … much more is on the horizon for u … #keepyourheadup

  32. politicallyincorrect

    Not to start any trouble but I wonder if AJ said something to them, He was with BET for years and possibly got in someones ear about it. Because you say no one on the product staff said anything to you. Or perhaps BET got some negative tweets after your appearance. I was flipping channels and I didn’t even know it was you at first

  33. Really sad that this happened to you. This, however, speaks to a larger issue in our community: homophobia/transphobia/heteronormativity. Thank you for not letting this injustice be silenced. And know that despite the actions of BET, you are somebody, danggit, you’re awesome.

    • This. Being Black in America doesn’t just mean stereotypical heterosexual Christian anymore. There’s an entire spectrum of Black Americans that aren’t accepted by their own culture just because they don’t fit the narrowest of molds.

      • I love this sentiment. There is such a spectrum of Black Americans that you do not see on television or in media and it makes my heart hurt because somewhere some little B.Scott is wondering if they are alone and if they should be more like the people on TV. Makes me so sad.

  34. Im not happy this happened to her and I can’t even tell you the last time I watched BET.

  35. Something about this story is just not adding up for me. BET NEEDS to respond with either an apology or an explanation, quick!

  36. I am so sad that this happened to you. However, there was someone on Twitter that said “he (B. Scott) is way too flamboyant” and “he needs to sit your fruity ass down”. I responded saying, “You mad he doing more than you ever could!? Oh!”

  37. That’s low,I’m sorry sweetie,you don’t even deserve this,you’re just being your awesome self,i would advise you never to work with e.b.t again,you are on a higher level than those basic behaviors.

  38. NO Frank Ocean in this program, remember his accolades this past 6 months, and you went and treated like s*it! NO BET for ME ever again. I know they don’t care what I think, I am a regular person, and not an entertainer, but this insult is not going to play well in the major culture or the culture that’s real.

    The more people abuse you the more it will happen. I was surprised NO one protested to them that No Frank Ocean was on the lineup.

    Forget this situation and never come back to BET to be subjected to their humiliation ever again. They have NO right to treat you like this ever.

  39. The first thing I thought when I heard about this was “do they even know who B. Scott is?” Whoever decided to book you and approve your presence on the red carpet should have supported their choice. This is a poor reflection of BET as a station. Your followers support you but we should all learn a lesson. There will always be people who don’t approve of the way we live our lives. We shouldn’t stop but keep pushing forward.

  40. Stephanie Todd

    I’ve never heard of you prior to reading about this on Facebook. I’m not lesbian or transgender. But I wanted to tell you I found this extremely disheartening and sickening. I will not watch another BET ANYTHING until they issue a formal apology to you and give you ANOTHER opportunity to show us all who B. Scott REALLY is. It’s just flat out outrageous that they wouldn’t allow you to dress how you want, yet for years, I’ve had to watch Rick Ross bounce his titties around on stage, see Lil’ Wayne’s ass out of his jeans, Ciara touching herself and making love to a stage, and on and on and on. Truly eff’n sad.

  41. Amy-Theresa Billups

    For you to be who you are puts a smile on my face B. Scott!!! I love your strength. I have watched you on YT from the beginning, and this really saddens me. BET and their affiliates ought to be ashamed of themselves, nor should they have the right to depict someones character. You have been the same, and for that, we love you. Why go and try to pick apart a persons style, to do what you THINK makes you look better? You were Fabulous!! It may seem harsh, but I can’t support them… Wouldn’t support them anymore after such disrespect. It’s a sign of prejudice. I tear up to think of how your feeling. I take your message, and I will share. There may be those out don’t agree with your lifestyle. I do… and I say Phack BET!!! They serve no purpose in my book…

  42. Thank you BScott for changing clothes and working the Red Carpet. Not everyone has arrived. You “took one for the team” so to speak. I admire your courage and grateful you worked in spite of it all. The night would not have been the same without you.

  43. I agree with BET’s decision to deny you to the carpet. You are a man, born with balls and all. You should act, dress, and carry yourself accordingly. Furthermore, there are children watching. What message would we be sending to our children? It’s OK for God’s men to dress and prance as women? Or women to dress and act like men? Homosexuals preach 24 hours a day to be comfortable in your own skin and to accept who you are, yet it’s people like you that fight day in and day out to do the exact opposite – try to be everything you are not. I respect the sponsors for holding traditional values, and thank BET (who happens to be more liberal with things like this) for standing their ground.

    • hateidiots1343

      shut the fuck up people like u make me sick cus aint nobody perfect not even u muthafucker not stfu and go commit a sin u dumb prick

    • SpreadLoveNotHate

      Take this “God’s Men” shit elsewhere, he does no harm to children. People like you FORCING children’s mind to run one way instead of being open as they are BORN with is just crap. “God’s Men” are the assholes creating children they don’t care for, beating women, raping women, cheating on their women with MEN and/or women and spreading HIV/AIDS, shall the list go on?? Why don’t you have a seat and color over there >>> WAY over there. Instead of focusing on the WRONG topic here, why don’t you try and speak with “God’s Men born with balls and all” about teaching respect towards the women, children they create, and their fellow man that they continuously abuse instead of a BEAUTIFUL MAN that just so happens to look better than some women in heels and makeup, and is RESPECTFUL to all people who are respectful towards him, REGARDLESS of gender or race. It’s time for people like you and your narrow minds to see the bigger picture to ALOT of issues.

      • Thanks for taking the time to respond. It isn’t God’s men who don;t care for children, beat women, rape, cheat, sleep with the same sex to spread HIV/AIDS, and all of the other detestable sins you named. Those aren’t people of God. Jesus said many people claim me and praise me with their mouth, but by their actions, they know me not. These are people who have no self control over their own foolish actions and talk about being a Christian when they don’t understand what that word means. Just like you and your LGBT community can’t be held accountable for homosexuals who commit murder or rape people of the same sex, a good Christian should not be associated with the acts of a bad one. It’s not the wrong topic. Its the perfect topic. We’re speaking of issues when it comes to a transgender man in the public eye. I find it funny that people like B. Scott can run websites like this, and LGBT people can hold protests at Christian events or against traditional theories, yet when the opposite is done, we are defaming your community. I wasn’t put here on earth to make my own decisions, determine my course of life, and do what I want, for I didn’t bring myself here. God did, through my mother. I’m not here to broaden my perspective, and look at things differently. If God told me to crawl in a hole and never watch a TV or listen to radio again, I would do so. Because whether you like it or not, you and I both have a God to answer to when this is all over. Our choices, our words, our actions, our thoughts will be accounted for. I don’t need to fit into the mold of society and develop a new way of thinking, if God is perfect, why would I leave his way of thinking? He created us, so we can’t possibly be smarter than he, yet humans stay trying to change what he has already done. B. Scott made a choice. He wasn’t born a woman cause if he was he wouldn’t have had to go through reconstructive surgery to look like one. Did you see him on 106 & Park a few months ago? Did you see how out of place he looked next to other women? It’s not cute to show kids that if you don’t like who God made you, be somebody else. Don’t you think if you were truly meant to be a woman God would have made you one? I don’t care how you feel as a child, we don’t have to give into our emotions. If women gave into their emotions every time they came on their period, we would be in trouble lol. Why update what’s not old? Why fix what’s not broken?

  44. B.Scotttt!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I love you so much I love your style your personality I hate what b.e.t did I was wondering about your wardrobe when I saw the show I was expecting you to show up and show out sad to say but u don’t need b.e.t hell you have been on so many other MAJOR! Networks that have accepted who u are remember that don’t be sad I know it hurts hold your head flip that long beautiful hunny and werk! Love you B stay blessed!

  45. This whole comment board is sad and confused .. A man should not cry like a female because he’s not allowed to wear womens shoes on television .. grow UP.

    • So you’re equating crying as a weakness and feminine. So you’re basically calling
      females weak.

      Not only that, but the point of this article is going WAY over your ignorant head.

      Get the fuck outta here with that. You’re part of the problem.

      • Part of what problem .. women dont need to be weak for men to be strong . And yes men must be strong , especially our African American brothers , only half a century removed from institutional bigotry , and after 400 years of captivity , we are running to the WOMENS shoe section looking for high heel shoes to wear . Meanwhile , our communities are screaming out for help from strong black men . Don’t let the programming and propoganda confuse you . Now is not the time to lose focus .

        • Newsflash: You can be a strong black man that also happens to wear fashionable heels.

          Being strong, being a leader in a community, being a role model, being an activist for your brothers and sisters; none of these things demands that you need to wear certain clothing, or conform to some stereotypical gender norms from the 1950’s. Strength is not exclusive to anyone or any type of person.

  46. I don’t even understand the thought process. They of course knew who they were asking because they were asking BECAUSE you’ve made a name for your blog with your own image and creativity which is not quote-unquote “masculine”. Perhaps they wanted your expertise in some phony, fake shell? Did they, or someone in particular, get nervous about their decision AFTER the fact, as you say? I hate that you have to feel hurt over this (I definitely would too). It’s like “let’s get someone that really knows his stuff and can do a great job specifically for this thing we want him to do but put a big CENSORED sign over something that is not in any way vulgar, violent, or wrong.” I am new to your endeavors, but obviously you have mad support from so many people regardless of this so keep on keeping on.

  47. BET doesn’t deserve you and your services, B! They knew what they were getting when they hired you (androgynous fabulousity!!!), so for them to censor your style is a load of bs. There was a reason why I don’t support BET.

  48. Truly disheartening. I’m sorry you had to experience this especially from the same African
    Americans who get upset and run to Al Sharpton whenever someone of a different
    race looks at them wrong. It’s sad the river of respect doesn’t run the same
    way for some people. How small of them. Oh Well. You’re still Awesome I loved you on
    Bravo the other week!

  49. I am sorry that happened to you. I was already not supporting the network and to be honest there is even more reason not to now. Love you just the way you are B. Scott.

  50. J a Y i Z m E e ™

    In response to this open letter I have written an open letter to BET if anyone wants to follow suit please do so to the following email addresses provided!! Our Voices need to be heard for B.Scott!!!

    Robert Avery Public Relations Coordinator robert.avery@bet.net 212-205-3159

    Zabrina Horton; Senior Manager Los Angeles zabrina.horton@bet.net (310) 481-3737 Specials: BET Awards, BET L.A

  51. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re fab. Some old fart cheesehead bigot decided that they didn’t like you and didn’t know to climb back into their brontosaurusmobile and go back to prehistoric times with their outdated self. I’m sure all those producers involved, who were totally cool with your before all this are so embarassed to even be involved, since it obviously wasn’t their decision. And to have a sponsor come up and support you, that’s excellent. Keep being you, people love it.

  52. BET is, always has been, and always will be uncouth and classless. You gave them credibility, no matter the outfit. You can’t cover up true class and grace!

  53. …but Megan Good can show us her everything during presentation of a gospel award. Explain that one BET!

    • ok? for real…and I love me some Megan Good..and her dress..but the double standard is just too much….BET disappoints once again.

  54. Sigh … What a mess. It is never fun to be made to feel as if you did something wrong. I hope they offer you an apology.

  55. …but Megan Good can show us her everything during presentation of a gospel award. Explain that one BET and/or sponsors!

  56. I would have felt better if you did not go on at all, but you still went on after all that? I mean what would it take for you to stand up? You didn’t stand up for yourself at all. I mean there’s something called principles. I don’t care how much they were paying you. That wasn’t your big break or anything. I dunno. I can’t support you selling out B. Scott.

  57. Janice Robinson-Celeste

    That’s a dang shame. I’m so sorry that happened to you and thank you for being so brave as to write about it and to let the world know. We support YOU!

  58. TBH. YOU WERE WORKING FOR BET. YOU WAS REPPING THEM. YOU KNOW HOW THEY ARE. Why is this even still a big deal?

  59. Charisse Raysor

    Sending a Cyber Hug!!!

  60. This is so damn sad! omg…of all networks…really BET? I hope Bravo brings you to their network B. Scott. You don’t deserve this discrimination and I’m happy you spoke out about this because you or anyone else should NEVER feel scared to talk about a situation like this because it only gives the homophobic people what they want and that’s “Control and Power”! Stay true to who you are folks!

  61. I’m sorry that happened! More doors will open. Trust ;)

  62. T from Mississippi

    I love you B. Scott and I am sad that this happened to you. I could tell you were not yourself last nite. I wish you continued success! This is just a stepping stone to your success!

  63. I don’t know why they decided to act brand new. You have always been you; bold and unapologetic about it to boot. They have no issue with actions and programming that make us look foolish as a race, but you outdressing half the folks there is an issue. Boo BET. Boo.

  64. Don’t EVER feel embarrassed! The shame is on them! Two-bit, run-down, trying-to-stay-relevant @$$es, boooooy keep yo head up!!

  65. I’m glad that you spoke out about this. What they did was unprofessional and flat-out ridiculous.

  66. Well whomever it was that made the last minute call, it doesn’t surprise me. It is horrible that even in this day and age you are put into situations that cause you this type of hurt and embarrassment. I will say KUDOS for even going back out there and making it happen AND for telling your story. Hopefully this is one stepping stone toward getting people to realize it is NOT the right of others to dictate who and what we are as human beings. You are a BRAND they knew who they were getting WHEN they asked you to host. I think this is utter foolishness at it’s best. Continue to be true and honest to what you believe to be truth in your life and allow that to work in your favor. As for the hate and discrimination, strap on your armor baby cause it ain’t over….unfortunately.

  67. When someone looking as beautiful as you is made to feel “less than,” something is wrong. You should not be embarrassed even one little bit.

  68. I for one am pissed and was hurt FOR you, B. We all (especially your love muffins who watch you and love you) know exactly who you are! I felt as if they tried to break you down purposely and that was heinous. You didn’t deserve that at ALL. I for one am DONE with BET and their programming. That was my last viewing of anything they have to offer. To invite you, “approve” you and then DISapprove you….wow, that was abuse. Period. Abuse of power, abuse of rights, ABUSE of spirit. God bless you, B. I pray you get the apology you deserve, even though I have a feeling it would be a day late and a dollar short. (((HUGS of love)))

  69. We as black people in America have much bigger fights to fight right now . The energy being used for sympathy in this siutation is misplaced . Our communities are being plagued by a number of issues and a grown man walking around the neighborhood in high heel shoes , is becoming a sidetrack to our youth and obviously our leaders as well . Priorities 1st . All i see on this site and this comment thread is a bunch of misguided people encouraging a lifestyle that if our ancestors had lived , we would not be here today . Black man bashing is at a all time high and THIS IS PART OF THE PROBLEM !

    • no YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM – you have serious self-hate issues my friend. there is room for all types in this world. as is obvious to me and many others (but going way over your head) is that b scott is doing his part to make this world a better place to live – what are YOU doing besides projecting your own self-hate and blaming others? b is an fabulous example to a group of people out there who need their own leaders as well, and an example of acceptance to many frightened people who feel left out of society. your having mis-placed expectations and trying to make b something he is not – exactly as BET did – because you have problems that you need to face yourself. YOU go be the change you want to see and let b do his thing. OK BOO-BOO?

  70. only thing I wouldnt have done was spoke about it on camera. that’s my only lil tip of professionalism for you mrs. b. scott.

  71. I know of you, B. Scott, but didn’t follow you on social media before this incident. However, what happened at BET was absolutely wrong. For people who think it’s about whether you dress as a man or woman – think bigger. Because those same tactics used on you were at one time used on natural haired folks, the ongoing argument over light skinned vs dark skinned folks, serious faced vs perpetually jovial folks of color (can’t be the “angry black woman” now can we?) and so on.

    From what I’ve seen of you on social media, it’s not as if you’ve hidden who or what you are from anyone. You’ve built a following based on THAT and was hired on the strength of that following and reputation. If we as humans support what BET did simply on the strength of the thinking it’s ok to hire someone such as yourself and demand you change everything about that – don’t be surprised when something similar happens to you. It could be as simple as not liking your natural hair, your skin tone or the way you dress.

    For the record, I’ve always heard rumblings about BET’s messy behind the scene tactics, so it’s sad to say, I wasn’t completely surprised.

  72. I am sorry this happened to you baby. You are a warrior. I know this is not the first time someone has done this to you simply for being yourself, and lord knows it will not be the last. Hold your head. You inspire more people than you know and are beautiful inside and out. You will rise above this as you have everything else. I am so proud of you and thankful for your spirit. Please don’t let this negativity affect who you are. You are a tastemaker, a trailblazer, and a warrior. The people who love you for you are the only ones who matter. I know some good will come from this. Again, I am sorry this happened to you. B Scott is a glam goddess, BET should have known better. LOVE YOU!!

  73. Really sad to hear that this happened to you but I commend you for speaking out. It’s only by bringing this kinda crap to light that we can start to effect any change. Stay strong and know that a lot of us admire and respect you for marching to the beat of your own drum.

  74. You are so wonderful. And I am so hurt, frustrated, and exhausted that you had to experience this. Please keep being your B.eautiful self. ~xo

  75. so sad on BET’s part. Stay true to yourself. Change for no one,

  76. We dont watch BET in this household under any circumstance and this just confirms my way of thingking that BETconcerns are in the wrong direction oppose to catering to pimps, garden tools, thugs amd low-lifes.

  77. I’m so sorry you went though this. BET is clearly full of homophobic cowards. You deserve a public apology IMMEDIATELY.

  78. Rey Ann Diaz Legaspi

    it must not end here, B.Scott! i don’t see any apology from the BET. i am sad reading this :( *hugs*

  79. AGenda Benda Justice, Inc.

    B.Scott! Any chance of a 4pm EST interview today on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/agendabenda/2013/07/02/who-is-b-scott-we-bet-you-know

  80. B., You Just Keep Doing YOU! Clearly BET wanted to capitalise on your celebrity without UNDERSTANDING your celebrity: You Are Where You Are Because ***YOU ARE YOU***. Absolute asshattery.

  81. Aiyi'nah "SimplyNay" Ford

    I have started a petition calling on BET to apologize. Please share and sign. This is unacceptable! http://www.change.org/petitions/black-entertainment-television-make-black-entertainment-television-apologize-to-b-scott-on-air#

  82. BET…programming/support for ALL black people…as long as you fit the Hegemonic image of what a man or woman is supposed to be. SMH

  83. BET needs to get priorities straight. It’s ok for CC to gyrate sexually on state, OK for every other work to be a cuss-word (btw they were terrible at bleeping out the vulgarities), but YOUR look wasn’t acceptable? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  84. I have been a
    love muffin for YEARS, watched your growth and was excited about the BET gig.
    Knowing you were on BET before I knew would SLAY…until I saw you. I KNEW
    something was wrong, energy was not the same and your look was super toned
    down. BET owes you a huge public apology. It’s not about accepting your sexuality;
    it’s about respecting you as a human being and allowing you to be yourself. You
    have taught me, a 40 yr. old, straight African American woman to be comfortable
    in the skin I’m in. BET rather show soft porn videos rather than represent
    everyone in the African American community. The gospel celebration alone has
    more homosexuals then a little bit on stage. But they had a problem with your
    look?? Job well done B, you were a true professional a mist all the bullshit.
    Thank you for sharing.

  85. I’m not going to lie, before this I never heard of you. I missed the pre-show, so I didn’t get to see what went down, but the next day I read all about it and caught up. My opinion: BET was DEAD WRONG. They knew who you were, and how you dressed, THEY reached out to YOU. If they didn’t want a man that dresses feminine to appear then they should’ve have hired you in the first place. What also makes me angry more is the hypocrisy of BET….with all the video hoes, and what not that appear on their channel they choose to focus on what you are wearing. BET should have more issue with what Meagan Good was wearing to present a gospel award, than you rocking make up and heels. You have gotten a new follower and supporter!

  86. That is probably why BET has lost so many viewers over the last several years. If this had been MTV you would have been on from start to finish.

  87. Weavemastertam

    I don’t understand, the outfit is a tunic and long pants. it wasn’t like you had on chaps and a bikini top. I wonder who the catalyst was, whether it was a sponsor or just some big wig that snapped when they saw you. I think you would have been more fun than Adrienne.

  88. B.Scott you’ve been your fabulous self since the beginning and that’s why I’m a supporter! Keeping it real is something most people will never do. Stay true ;)

  89. BET is awful with this kind of thing. I auditioned for them once and got the part of a flamboyant gay nanny on one of their shows. I went through the audition process, dressed the part, prepared for the part all with approval of a group of producers only to be suddenly told as I was entering the set to “bring it down a peg or two”…they just disappoint me over and over. I felt ridiculous dressed that way but acting more masculine…very confusing and unprofessional of them.

  90. WTF.
    Uncool BET. Uncool.

  91. It’s ridiculous for them to know and want you for exactly who you are, know that you dress in a feminine style, and then have the gall to tell you that’s why they’re rejecting you. I’m sorry they were so unprofessional. =( Maybe much better can’t be expected out of BET -_-.

    They seem reluctant to portray Black people in ways that are not stereotypical, so they are unwilling to show someone who is Black and gay or non-gender conforming in all their expression. And even though they’ve had you on before, portrayals of LGBT are not usually positive. That just perpetuates the idea that all Black people are homophobic and LBGT-unfriendly.

  92. I feel so ashamed of them and so horrible for you. You are a sweetheart and you did not deserve to be treated that way. No one does. I am a heterosexual woman, married, God Fearing and #teambscott for many years. I was one of your subscribers to your YouTube channel after viewing you and the ladies singing and dancing to one of Janet Jackson’s songs. You have been keeping me in stitches ever since! Please don’t let this deter you and for goodness sakes, dont let this “kill your vibe” because you are fantastic just the way god made you! When BET accept you for who you are I will accept them back onto my channel lineup and THAT is my public service announcement!

    Respectfully, Cocoalita

  93. I’m so sorry this happened to you – you just picked up a fan.

  94. Ratchet E T needs to a seat

  95. Michelle Celestyne Levy

    They wanted B. Scott but didnt want B. Scott? That’s ridiculous. This is why I don’t like, watch or support BET. It’s ok for them to play these misogyntistic ass rap videos but a person can’t be themselves and wear what they want to express their individuality WHICH IS WHY HE WAS HIRED ON FROM JUMP!!!! Hello!!!! BET is a mirror of the African American community which as a black woman, disgusts me sometimes.

  96. Keith Tastee Dupree

    Ashame on BET, just goes to show that BET doesn’t care for out Black LGBT community, this whould have never happen at MTV!!!!!

  97. Beautiful article, so glad that you chose to speak out and tell the truth and stand up for yourself, you have so much support!

  98. You did great B.Scott. I ran from the kitchen when I heard Adrienne Bailon say B.Scott. You looked great the way you were but f BET…you can do better without them!

  99. Ivan Rainforth

    Bitch, boo, bye to whoever was uncomfortable with you. Their issue not yours. Glad you shared your experience. I am always glad that you are who you are. Never stop being you!

  100. GURL maybe u were just too ugly for da cameras??

  101. I have the utmost respect for you B. Scott. Truly a shame this happened to you, but you always come out on top.

  102. Shame on BET, I’m sure if the executive that made the dicriminatory decision worked for the Food Network they would be unemployed as of now!!!

  103. I don’t know much about this Debra Lee, but look at what you except. I can’t remember the last time I watched BET. B. Scott review the payee on your check….VIACOM , they own Disney for God’s sake. They will always play both sides of the fence they are a CONGLOMERATE. They push wholesomeness, yet spit out freaks in the industry like a chocolate factory. They basically replaced you with an OLD EMPLOYEE (Bailon) who was safer….and trust me it was planned just in case they wanted to pull you they had her in the wings. Never expect anything but your check to clear when working for the “machine”, (always wanting the reward without the “risks”) all other factors are subject to change including niceties. Be in the world and not of it.

  104. I actually did not know of you before this incident, but I promptly educated myself and by coincidence watched your Roble & Co. episode this morning. Damn, you are STUNNING. Their loss, and in the wake of the demise of DOMA, such a step backwards for BET. But we all know they got a loooooong way to go on so many things.

  105. I saw a hurt look in your face when you were interviewing K. Michelle. Don’t worry maybe Rupaul will have a platform for you to be just who you are

  106. Ur love muffins are WITH YOU!!! Shame on BET for accepting you exactly as you are for some programs and not for others! You being EXACTLY who you are AT ALL TIMES is exactly why ppl like me love you!! Keep it fabulous, hun!! #TeamBScott

  107. I cannot….Im just appalled at this whole situation.

  108. That was straight up WRONG of them to do this to you, B. That you even jumped through so many hoops and compromised on so many levels, and so much of your own identity, to fit what they demanded and wanted of you and STILL get this kind of treatment is atrocious. You deserve better. Every person that expresses themselves, who their are, their own creative identity, and gender identity, should have the freedom to do so. And if you’re hiring someone knowing full well what-all this personality comes attached with, don’t then try to CHANGE them and humiliate them and embarrass them over who they are. That’s the most painfully insulting and shaming thing there can be.

  109. Htownluvmuffin

    You are so awesome, B. Scott. You have a kind heart and a wonderful spirit. I have watched you since you were in LA with that crazy neighbor with the loud baby. I am glad to see that you are still the same person (only more fabulous) and that you are true to who YOU are. No where for you to go but up :-)

  110. B. Scott, you are perfect the way you are. In every respect. Don’t ever forget it. Forget the fools at BET and rise above them to where you truly belong.

  111. That was not a lack of professionalism–it is black people’s uncomfortably with gender alternatives. Black people are the most HOMOPHOBIC people on the planet. Except for Skin Heads. Black people will look at you like your nuts, they will not accept you in church. Most do not want to accept you into the family if you are “different.” If an LGBT person goes to a black church the sermon has to change to helping the person change their supposedly wrong gender to the right one. It’s pathetic. I am black and it does not bother me one bit. BET was the uncomfortable ones and the sponsors better get on board too, because THIS IS A DIFFERENT WORLD and allot of law suits are about to go down. B. Scott I apologize for my ignorant brothers and sisters. You are beautiful and I love your look and to me your gender is your OWN business!!!

  112. Sandanista Behotha

    WTF made anyone think that BET is anything other than a heterosexist, uncle tom network run by honchos in whiteface?

    Diversity my ass.

  113. B. Scott- You were being kind to deny BET’s pathetic apology. You are also being kind to NOT TELL EVERYTHING BET DID TO YOU!!!! In addition to humiliating you regarding your attire, BET also allowed you to be accosted by security on your way to the BET Awards by physically jumping in front of you and restraining you so you could not go to the BET Awards show stating, “He didn’t have the right badge!” Even though, you had tickets to the show! Really BET? And AFTER you did the Pre-Show! It’s also annoying that your hair and make-up people (don’t know if they told you) were also verbally harassed by security and left on the Red Carpet for over an hour leaving you with BET’s hair and make-up people for most of the time prior to your going on the pre-show. It wasn’t until one of the Executives had to step in and give your peeps access. BET invited YOU and this is how they treated you? BET knew exactly who you are and what you bring to the show; if BET was going to treat you or any of their invited guests this poorly, then don’t invite them at all. BET is asking for celebs to boycott them as long as they continue to treat the artists they invite poorly! I’m so sorry B. Scott!!!!!!!! You deserve to be treated better!!!!!!!

  114. Valerie Fields

    I must say that you certainly brought up the hosting level of the BET Red Carpet… Without singling out anyone, the individuals selected to host @ the Red Carpet were all (in my unsolicited opinion) lousy choices. They were either too short, seemingly uncomfortable with their hosting duties, and on. You were the most professional, and comfortable in your duties, and best ‘put together.’ The (final) outfit you were required to wear was worn well by you. Now, if we want to talk about ‘how folks were dressed’…. let’s not go there…let us suggest to BET that they instate an OVERALL dress code ..in 2014. 75 0/0 of what I saw on that Red Carpet, and the pre-show was a total nightmare. Maybe you can tell yourself that you really did BET a favor – and know it to be true !!!

  115. Anabelle Whitepaws

    Wow… oh wow. Maybe somebody over at BET should remember what discrimination feels like. This is appalling!

  116. I LOVE YOU Bscott! (From the UK) <333

  117. Disgusting! I won’t be supporting anything associated with BET until they issue a public apology. This is not how human beings should be treated.

  118. in addition to this incident i have not been a fan of BET for a while now…many things have changed and not for the better, in my opinion, few things keep me tuned in now. BScott you are what most people wish they could be, courageous, inspirational, confident,beautiful inside & out, and friends with Mariah Carey haha. Anywho I love you for who you are and I know im not alone

  119. all the cussing,sagging,idiotic behavior that goes on “during” the show and you get treated this way as an invited personality..a loved and classy one at that…WOW

  120. More photos are needed to see the whole whole look.

  121. Rupaul said it BEST on his VH1 Christmas Special years ago: “I’ve FOUGHT BIGGER DEMONS AT B.E.T!!! But, when you deal with black bible bangers that have some hand in everything that the station does, they are always going hate on Alternative / Not Their people.

  122. urbanflaneuse09

    HORRIBLE. And why am I not surprised? BET KNEW they were getting WHAT THEY ASKED FOR – which was B Scott and style. Period. What in the hell did they think he would/could possibly do that would further erode the diet “decency” of an audience spoon-fed the types of junk food video’s played on “106 and Park” 5 days a week? It’s ok to show women getting degraded to theme music, body parts falling all out, etc (damn I sound old lol) But show B Scott in an APPROVED outfit doing what he does professionally, and black america has been scandalized? Really?! I am so disgusted and saddened to hear you were treated this way B Scott. My girls and I have enjoyed watching you on Chef Roble’s show. Hope to see more of you on networks with more class, courage, integrity and diversity. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more ashamed of BET *smh*

  123. That lady who runs the show is a mega bitch it’s all over her face I hate that fake ass evil smile of hers the boondocks said she was evil

  124. I hate that happened to you. I have always looked up to you and have always respected you. I do not support this type of behavior from BET which should be EBT. Its become a mess in my opinion.

  125. I hope you win every dime you sued for. That was utter BS.

  126. even though the transgender lifestyle is very foreign to me, that’s really grimey that they let you send outfits, get okayed, and then they yank you for a cheetah girl. you deserve the right apology and the person who made the last minute call needs to step up and explain themselves

    • thatsfunnyrightthere

      B Scott is not a transgender person. He is a man who is androgynous and enjoys being himself in doing so. I’m sure he appreciates your support, nonetheless.

  127. B Scott, I remember watching and hearing you say that there were haters trying to get you down, and you truly looked hurt. I felt sorry for you and actually posted a Facebook message with some encouraging words. At the time I didn’t recognize you then I remember when my homegirl introduce me to your YouTube videos in college. We then greeted and saluted each other with double kisses because of you. Aye man listen, it’s sad that they would do this to, and I totally support you bringing awareness to the obvious discrimination and unprofessional behavior of some clearly high ranked people at BET. Keep doing you my brotha. Your voice matters.

  128. Shyt like this is why I don’t deal with BET!!

  129. The only thing that BET did wrong was hire him in the first place I don’t think that they were completely ok with his look from the beginning. So to avoid this kind of uncomfortable situation that could hurts someone feelings they shouldn’t have hired him. There are still parents out here that don’t want their sons influenced by transgenders so I’m sure they got some complaints. Our country is just headed in some difficult times with this issue, things are gonna have to be dealt with like should women be locked up in prison with men who are transgenders, should women and transgenders go to the same bathroom. This situation crazy and could have been avoided. I still love and respect BET for they have came a long way, they just need to ask themselves if their ready for a man in makeup to host on their shows. Is their audience truly ready for this.

  130. Sheeeeesh this is somehow news

    Excuse me Brandon but your last statement makes no sense. ”
    that something was wrong with who I am as a person.” The person you are is an act. Your employer wanted you to play your character in a different fashion than you wanted. Sounds like a case of Primadona actor syndrome to me. Seriously do you think
    Chewbacca walked onto the set of Star Wars and would have the audacity to say “Sorry George thats not how I see myself” and get away with it. Grow up!!!!!! Either cash play it the way the boss wants it or walk away from the roll. Brandon, your Granny would not be happy with your tantrum.

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