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Kandi and Porsha Williams Almost Got Into a Fight While Filming ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’


We’re a few months out from the season premiere of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ but it sounds like we’re in for another drama-filled season.

According to reports, Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams almost got into a fight.

via Centric:

According to blogger Tamara Tattles, things almost got physical between Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss during a taping of the reality show.

Sources said the entire cast gathered for a roundtable dinner at a local restaurant in Atlanta, but things took a turn after Williams was asked by fellow castmates how her anger management classes were going. 

The former Mrs. Kordell Stewart was ordered to take classes after three physical altercations occurred while filming.

While details are not clear, Williams and Burruss reportedly got into a spat over the subject matter.

“Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window,” Tattles writes.

“This will most certainly appear on camera. In answer to Kandi’s question, it doesn’t seem like anger management is working for Porsha and she continues to be a major liability for Bravo. My sources referred to the incident as a bizarre nervous breakdown.”

In addition to what’s being reported, our sources tell lovebscott.com the reason Kandi got so heated in the first place was because Porsha referred to her and the other girls as ‘bitches’ within earshot — and you know Kandi doesn’t play those games!

We’ll have to tune-in and see how this all plays out.


  1. Nothing new there…

  2. Porsha! Porscha!Porsha! Now it’s beginning to look like the real untold story of your break up with Kordell might be that you just can’t control yourself. Lady grow up and learn to fight with words not hands.

    • SHE DID NOT FIGHT WITH HER HANDS on this occasion SHE WALKED AWAY reports say. I certainly was not in her marriage so I don’t know why Kordell left. What I will say is that the then Porsha Stewart came off as emotionally abused and controlled. She could not not go anywhere without her master’s approval her casts mates noticed and addressed it. She was told she could not work and have kids at the same time.That in itself is ridiculous. She had a miscarriage and her hubby ( Kordell) seem to have a nonchalant attitude towards it. This is the same lady that found out she was getting divorced on twitter. Watch RHOA Season 5.
      Porsha was clearly abused and is now probably now letting out all the pent up anger. She is no different from any victim of domestic abuse. She is definitely exhibiting some growth since she did not put her hands on anyone. Lets not blame the victim. Rather lets show her some love and encourage her on her journey of growth. Thats the way we want to be treated if this was our journey!

  3. I used to think porsha was acting out just to stay in the limelight. Now, I think she can’t help herself. Out of control is not a cute look for a woman pushing 40.

  4. Porsha is and has always been an under educated mean girl .

  5. TGI Fridays is letting them film there????

  6. I call bullshit

    • Ditto, this is the same “source” that said production was filming “around” NeNe’s schedule and she’s not even filming this season. She can’t stand Porsha.

  7. Really don’t understand why Kandi involves herself with this show. She is clearly at another level than the rest. And, who would want to deal with Porsha if they didn’t have to. The girl is dumb as a box of rocks. Pitiful…

    • That’s my question. She is arguably one of the only members of the RHOA cast that doesn’t need the show, financial wise. The rest of those “rich women” are clearly making the bulk of their annual earnings from the show.

    • Kandi is no better than any of them she just hides it from the cameras better than the rest. I said it before and I’ll say it again Kandi did her dirt while she was in her group Xscape and made real enemies of her former band mates. She didn’t get to where to is today by being weak and stepping over a few people.

      • Actually, I was talking more financially than anything else. She’s worth millions, compared to the others. Who hasn’t done dirt in their 20’s? And, she’s good friends with Tiny, a former band mate from Xscape.

    • I feel the same way. Kandi is WAY above this!!!

  8. She really starting to lose it!

  9. Porsha, Girl! you need to grow up and stop having tantrums all the damn time, that’s why you can’t keep a man. You just do too much when you don’t need to.

  10. Kandi is one person she doesn’t want.

    • Kandi ain’t nobody!!! She want to be gangsta but know that it will ruin what little career she has if she steps to the ratchet side. She can’t sing and has had a string of failed business ventures.

      • I do not think she is a gangster, she is just way ahead of the rest……be careful how you point your fingers at others look which one is pointing back at you…..

  11. Porsha is mental.

  12. One day, maybe folk will wake up and see that this is only modern day baffoonery

    • For all of the housewives shows, not just this one! The other shows are just as bad!!

      • the other shows are worse………………….but you done know already…… anything.. that has color….. will always be considered bad. or “modern day baffoonery”….. be blessed

  13. It’s apparent that Porsha has some deep rooted issues that needs to be addressed.

    • You know i pondered that for a while, but when I remembered that she is also on Dish Nation and more recently did celebrity apprentice with no reports of violence. It now leads me to believe that there is a possibility of an ambush by various jealous cast mates with the intent of getting her off the show. She never starts the confrontation based on reports. Go figure.

  14. In other words, Kandi almost beat that ass! LOL! But seriously, I hope Portia gets the help she needs. There’s clearly some major issues going on with her.

    • I thought I was the only one that peeped Kandi’s hold card. She is a trouble maker to put it mildly. She likes pitting people against each other and standing back and watches. I can’t stand Kandi and she is one of the main reasons that I stopped watching this show.

  15. Can someone please explain why Kandi is always the victim when she’s always stirring the pot? Seems to me Kandi and the other RHOA castmates are deliberately provoking Porsha because they are jealous of her. I’m sure it’s still not sitting well with Kandi that her husband Todd said he would choose Porsha as the one he would get with if he wasn’t with Kandi. I hope the fake ones, especially Kandi are finally exposed this season.

  16. I love Kandi but I wouldn’t want to piss her off!

  17. Porsha is an attractive lady with a lot of potential. Why can’t she just carry herself like a lady and stop thinking she has to act like a common thug to get respect. Perhaps she’s unhappy with her life? She need’s to start acting like the grown woman she claims to be.

  18. Trash!! I mean you put a pink lipstick on a DONKEY… she will lick it and still be a DUNKEY

  19. Porsha should be kicked out. Tired of her acting out and lashing at everybody just to be in the limelight. Needs therapy ASAP. Kandi has skills, she sings well, writes songs, knows her music, she is on another level, way way up there. What does Porsha have, except be a mean girl to stay in the show??

    • Sorry Kandi can’t sing and without Porsha, Phaedra or Nene RHOA wouldn’t survive. Kandi, Kenya and Cynthia don’t bring in ratings and need them for the show to survive. Porsha has she proven she has paws but Kandi always escapes a real fight.

  20. If you have watched RHOA over the years you will notice that Porsha is the most disrespected cast member. There is and has been a high level of jealousy that has been displayed by most of the cast members including Kenya,Cynthia and more recently Kandi. Kandi has some personal beef resulting from the fact that she lost Phaedra to Porsha. That was by no means Porsha’s fault. Kandi decided that she was going to be neutral as well as support Apollo’s interests over her friend (Phaedra) and her kids. That was kandi’s decision the fall out is what resulted in the destruction of her friendship with Phaedra. She needs to stop taking in out on Porsha.
    Finally Porsha needs to connect with herself spiritually, all these ladies are after her because she is the RHOA’s rising STAR. She is turning out to be the IT girl of the show. She is on DIsh Nation weeknights which is now on Fox and BET this is huge. Porsha is also the most pretty and out going cast member on the show. Its normal for people to try to tear you down when you are climbing up. Porsha needs build herself up spiritually that will help her deal with confrontations differently. The bad news is they will keep coming for her since they have figured out her weak spot. So she has to quickly find a different way of dealing with these issues. Wishing them all the best!

    • Kandi has always resented Porsha AND NeNe. She thinks her money makes her better. She didn’t get half the jobs NeNe & Porscha got.

  21. Now that’s one fight they should have let happen. Porsha’s ratchet ass is not going to get a clue until she finally gets a good ass whoopin’! I put my money on Kandi.

  22. Everyone doesn’t like being called a B and Ho* using slang…some people take that ish serious, even if you are friends. This isn’t the first time someone has checked Porcha about calling them those words and Porsha always says, “I didn’t mean it in that way” etc. smh. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes..

  23. Khandi may not have college behind her, but has real creativity and business acumen, Porsha, however will never live down her idea of the The Underground Subway, especially given her family history within the Civil Rights Movement. Khandi shouldn’t push buttons and Porsha should get control of her anger. But before she does, get it under control, I would love to see her bounce Khandi’s big behind off the porch, she’s worse than NeNe when it comes to bringing up her wealth.

    • Portia is getting control. She walked away. Apparently Khandi got ratchet because Porsha called them bitches. It sounds like Khandi got violent.

  24. Kandi has ALWAYS resented NeNe AND Porsha. She came on the show thinking SHE was the music mogul and she should have received more attention. She’s the type to throw the brick and hide her hand. Sneaky!

    • What gets me with the whole situation is that the same Porsha is on Dish Nation all year round and we never hear about any altercations. She was on celebrity apprentice we heard nothing as well. On the three occassions involving Kenya, Cynthia and now Kandi they were the aggressors. They are trying to kick Porsha out due their insecurities. I just wish Porsha would be aware and react differently.

      • You are so right. Around NORMAL people Porsha does fine. It’s when she gets around vindictive, petty, passive-agressive haters the mess starts. She has grown so much and some of her RHOA can’t handle it. ENVY!

  25. everybody act like porsha anger is so bad everybody else act terrible on there to nobody is going to let somebody talk to them any kind of way kandi look a mess i really dont like her she a pay master and being on that show shows it porsha is not the problem

  26. i stopped watching these shows who is actually married? and i was addicted either they go complete nuts for attention or real boring housewives should have actual wives….bravo needs to send a lot of them to rehab this is getting out of hand

  27. The cast and producers know Porsha has an anger problem. Why do they keep pushing & poking at her? Stop bringing up the past; it’s back there to be left alone!

    I empathize with Portia because I have a family member who is in her same emotional and mental situation and anger can be VERY dangerous if/when someone taunts a person to the point of no return. Portia is going to pop one good time and I think it’s going to be very disappointing for a lot of people, mostly those who are involved. Help her or leave her alone. That goes for the cast and Bravo!

  28. I don’t know why it’s so hard for Miss. Porsha to go to anger management and to talk about it, we know you got issues girl!

  29. Kandi is so jealous of Porsha Kandi wants to get into a fight with her every since Todd siad that he would get with Porsha if he werent’ with Kandi I believe season 6 Kandis been starting shit with her. Kandi and her entire team went at Porsha for no reason last season just because she asked Phaedra about their freindship im so over Kandi she used to be my favorite but im over her

  30. She need to stop taking those lines…leave that white alone

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