Newly Married LeBron James Caught Soliciting Another Woman's Number at The White House [Photos]


LeBron James might be in some hot water at home after it’s been revealed that he was caught soliciting a woman’s number while at The White House.

Soliciting an attractive woman’s number is perfectly fine — unless you’re married. LeBron married his longtime fiancé Savannah late last year.

NBC Associate Producer Stacey Klein posted this note to Instagram:


It reads:

“Pretty decent day at the WH today. The Miami HEAT gave a “POTUS” jersey to the head honcho and I watched LeBron ask a girl for her number, right in front of me. He just got married in September. #happilyeverafter #champions #picstitch”

Hmm…hopefully it’s work related. It’s a little too soon for a ‘break’, don’t you think? And besides…we all know what happens during ‘breaks’.

[via Washington Examiner]

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