New Video: Mandy Capristo - The Way I Like It

So, my friend Denise sent me this song a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing it pretty consistently. At first I thought it was slightly generic, but something about it stuck with me (you’ll probably recognize some of the lyrics from my tweets). Mandy Capristo spent 4 years in a girl group, but now she’s ready for her solo debut on EMI/Capitol Records. I should probably mention that she’s from Germany…it would explain why we in America have no idea who she is.

The Way I Like It” is a nice song. It’s by no means a smash record or anything, but it blends nicely in a playlist with some of my favorite songs. The video is my first time actually seeing Mandy and she’s really pretty. The concept of the video is interesting because I never envisioned anything this dark. I expected something a lot sexier, but I’m not complaining. Way to think outside the box, Mandy! I don’t think she’ll have much success in America, but I could definitely see her making waves overseas.

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