New Music: Willow Smith Drops '3' EP to Celebrate Her Birthday


It’s Halloween and it’s also Willow Smith’s 14th birthday! In honor of her birthday, she released a new EP called 3.

For the launch, Willow teamed up with Google Play and 3 is exclusively available in the Google Play Music store. It drops with all other retailers on November 17th.

The new EP has three tracks titled “8”, “9” featuring TDE artist SZA and “Flowers”.

Willow announced the project on Facebook saying:

I am emitting a frequency of love in this EP–of change, of freedom. Earth is moving into a beautiful and cyclical transformation that all of us are physically and emotionally moving onto. Let’s lift ourselves into this new frequency together in light and love. Hope you all enjoy. #threeEP Google Play.

We’re about to take our first listen now! You can download it here.

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