New Footage Shows Ray & Janay Rice Kissing in Handcuffs After the Elevator Assault [Video]


Everyone’s seen the footage of Ray punching Janay in the face & rendering her unconscious, but in this newly leaked footage we see exactly what happens next — and it’s a little surprising.

In the footage, a visibly upset Janay looks to be talking with hotel staff as hotel security tries to keep Ray way from her. The cops  then arrive and place them both in handcuffs before escorting them into an elevator.

All of a sudden, Ray & Janay start kissing and canoodling off in the corner! We don’t quite understand it, but then again the two did go ahead and get married not too long after all this went down.

Check out the footage below.

Most recently, Ray appealed the court ruling that suspended him from the NFL and won. He’s currently eligible to sign to any NFL team.

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