New Bravo Series 'Friends to Lovers?' Blurs The Lines Between Besties [Video]


Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend? Have you ever considered what it would be like to date someone you’re already super close to?

The new Bravo series ‘Friends to Lovers’ pushes boundaries and blurs the line between lovers and friends in a new social experiment.

Friends to Lovers? follows five sets of singles who take a leap of faith and try to become more than ‘just friends’.

Throughout the season, the couples must deal with the unique challenges of dating such as awkward first kisses, tests of jealousy and the inevitable reveal to friends and family.  While some count their years of friendship as the foundation for their relationship, others want to be swooned all over again.

You can learn a bit more about the couples during a preview special on Monday, December 15 at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Until then, get to know the couples & check out a sneak peek below.

Alex Goldman & Kristen Ruby

After meeting eight years ago and going on one date together, Kristen Ruby immediately put Alex Goldman in the “friend” category. Mesmerized by Kristen’s drive and beauty, Alex continued to quietly chase her throughout the years, but knew her focus was elsewhere and they were best of friends. Kristen shifted her attention away from dating and into her Public Relations company, Ruby Media Group. Together, Alex and Kristen balance one another out. Kristen is a highly motivated entrepreneur who encouraged Alex to start his business, Five Senses Catering.  Whereas, Alex is more relaxed and constantly forcing Kristen to enjoy the little moments in life.  Although Alex has continually felt that their chemistry is unlike any other he has ever had, Kristen has always been afraid to dive into a relationship without a carefully planned strategy.

Charley Walters & Darion Lowenstein

Charley Walters and Darion Lowenstein met five years ago, but have grown extremely close as friends over the past two years. Together they have traveled the world and attended some of the most elite social events in LA. While Charley was in a 5-year-relationship for the majority of their friendship, Darion casually dated on the side, and the two of them bonded in a purely platonic way. Although many mistake them as a couple, they have never taken their relationship in that direction–until now. The duo will have to balance Darion’s dedication to work hosting shows and producing video games with Charley’s spontaneous and social lifestyle that comes with his career as CEO of CW3PR, one of LA’s top boutique PR firms. While one fears they will fall harder than the other, they both care for one another deeply and are willing to place their friendship in jeopardy in order to explore a new side of their relationship.

Greg Plitt & Melanie Marden

Melanie Marden and Greg Plitt met seven years ago when Greg’s roommate was dating Melanie. They had an instant connection due to their love of fitness and similar careers. Both bold and passionate about their work, they remained close even after Melanie’s former relationship fizzled out. They trained for competitions together and often ran in the same circle of friends.  Attractive, confident and kind-hearted, these two seem to live a glamorous life that many would envy, but they both secretly yearn for a deeper, more settled lifestyle to share with a special someone. Melanie, who was married young, truly wants to give love a second chance. Meanwhile, Greg is also looking for someone to complete his life since his friends are all married with children back east. They naturally push one another to be the best versions of themselves, so now is the time to see if they are better off remaining friends or if they are meant to be together forever.

Jin Mosley & Sydney Hall

Timing is everything for some people’s relationships, especially Jin and Sydney. The two have been friends for five years, but one or the other has always been in a relationship. Working in the nightlife and restaurant industry, Sydney is surrounded by beautiful women all the time, but is ready to settle down. Meanwhile, Jin is just entering the single life after her divorce to famed boxer Sugar Shane Mosley. While neither has ever acted on their impulses towards one another, they both have feelings for each other. With a strong admiration as the foundation of their relationship, both Jin and Sydney know it is now or never to give love a try.

Stefan Lienhard & Marshana Ritchie

Initially, Stefan Lienhard and Marshana Ritchie met on, but after one date they decided they were better off as just friends. They have helped one another through their struggles and successes over the years. Stefan met another woman and had a son, and although they are no longer together, becoming a role model for his son is a large responsibility for Marshana to consider. After years of signals and late-night conversations, it is time for Stefan and Marshana to put their pride aside and give 100% to see if the one they were meant to be with was standing right beside them all along.

Friends to Lovers? premieres officially January 12th at 8/9c on Bravo

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