Nelly Pops ALL the Way Off On His Dad for Posing in a Video with Ex Ashanti, Says He's Done Paying His Bills: 'Hope It Was Worth It'

Nelly and Ashanti broke up several years ago, but somehow their relationship drama has managed to carry over into 2018.

Over the weekend, Ashanti posted a clip to her Instagram Stories from backstage at her show in St. Louis.

In the video, she happened to be with Nelly’s father, Cornell Haynes Sr.

As most of us  know, Nelly and Ashanti didn’t end on the best terms — and Nelly wasn’t feeling his dad all hugged up with his ex-girlfriend on social media.

The rapper took to Instagram to put his dad on blast and revealed he’s cutting him off financially.

Two things:

  1. What made Cornell decide to go to Ashanti’s show? Do you think he’s a fan or was he being petty?
  2. Why did Ashanti even decide to post a video with Nelly’s dad in the first place? Do you think she knew it would cause all this controversy?
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