Ne-Yo Has Mixed Feelings About Ray Rice's Punishment: 'I didn't agree with how harsh it was' [Video]

When asked whether or not Ray deserves another chance, he said

“I don’t know. I can’t really say.”

“One side of me is like a suspension, as opposed to just a complete ban, would have been better,” said Ne-Yo

. “Then the other side of me is like, ‘Ok, as the NFL, you’ve kinda gotta make an example of this guy because you have to let it be known that this will not be tolerated.’”

Still waffling between corporate and personal, Ne-Yo continued, “I understand why it is they did what they did. I don’t completely agree with how harsh it was.”

What he was sure about, was Ray’s family.

“Anybody that saw the tape, that’s absolutely tragic. That’s not something that I condone at all,” Ne-Yo told us, adding that he’s more concerned with how home life has been for Ray and Janay. “He made a mistake. He made an absolutely terrible mistake that somehow, by the grace of God, his woman forgave him for.”

 Watch Ne-Yo share his thoughts below.

[via HB]

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