Nas’ Calabasas Home Robbed, Thieves Took 2 Bags Full Of Unknown Items |

Nas’ Calabasas Home Robbed, Thieves Took 2 Bags Full Of Unknown Items

Thieves have struck again, this time robbing the home of rap great Nas.

via: HotNewHipHop

Nas’ weekend started off on a high note thanks to the arrival of his King’s Disease III album in collaboration with Hit-Boy. However, that joy was short-lived as on Saturday (November 12), his Calabasas home was robbed by two thieves.

Law enforcement sources broke the news to TMZ, revealing that the break-in took place about 8:30 PM PT last night. It’s been noted that the criminals seemingly smashed a rear door, allowing them entry into the rapper’s luxury home.

Nas’ team realized something was happening thanks to a Ring camera installed on the property. As they were leaving, the “Hood2Hood” artist’s crew caught sight of them and promptly called the police to the scene.
The robbers were long gone when cops arrived at the prolific lyricist’s home. Luckily, he wasn’t home. Rather, Nas was across the country in New York City, partying it up to celebrate the arrival of KD3.

Currently, it remains unknown exactly what the thieves took, or how much it was worth. All that’s been confirmed is that the 49-year-old’s place was torn apart, and approximately two bags worth of stuff is missing.

Since he’s still out of town, investigators must wait for Nas to return and do a proper inventory of the items that were stolen. No arrests have been made at this time by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

While this has surely put a damper on his otherwise exciting weekend, the Illmatic artist still has a lot to celebrate.

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