Must Be Nice! Kylie Jenner Surprises 'Queen' Kris Jenner with a $250K Red Ferrari for Her 63rd Birthday [Video]

Kris Jenner got a super lavish early birthday gift from her daughter Kylie Jenner on Monday night.

via People:

The Keeping Up the Kardashians momager doesn’t turn 63 until Nov. 5, but that didn’t stop her youngest daughter from surprising her with her “dream car” — a 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta red Ferrari that retails for $250,000 (chump change for the “self-made” billionaire and cosmetics maven).

Kylie, of course, documented the big surprise for all her followers on her Instagram story. “I’m on my way to my mom’s house to surprise her with her birthday gift. I’ve had this for the last month and I’m so excited to finally be giving it to her,” she said. “It’s a little dark outside so I hope that you could see it good.”

With boyfriend Corey Gamble, 37, a pajama-clad Kris was dumbstruck seeing the vehicle in the driveway for the first time.”What? What is that? Are you kidding me?” she gasped. “That’s from you? Oh my god. Oh my god!”

After hugging her 21-year-old daughter and wiping back tears, Kris sat into the vehicle – joking that had she known Kylie was coming over, she “would have dressed cuter.”

“What is going on?” she asked. “I don’t even know what to do. How do I even start it?”

Kylie then snapped a series of pictures of the car, labelling one “488 For The Queen.” She later captioned a video on her Instagram with the same phrase.  

The KarJenners have a long history of gifting cars for birthdays (or, in some cases, just because).

In fact, Kylie was gifted a $320K Ferrari 482 Italia by ex-boyfriend Tyga for her 18th birthday, and a $189K Mercedes-Benz Maybach for her 19th birthday. She then repaid the favor by giving Tyga a $229L Bentley Bentayga after his Ferrari was repossessed.

In the past, Kylie has also given BFF Jordyn Woods a Black Mercedes-Benz sedan for her 18th birthday and a 2017 black metallic Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe for her 20th birthday.

Must be nice! Check out the video below.

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